AMC’s ‘Soulmates’ Introduces a Test Guaranteeing True Love (VIDEO)

Sarah Snook Soulmates Season 1 Trailer AMC

If you could find out who you’re meant to be with, would you? That’s the premise of AMC’s new anthology, Soulmates.

The six-hour anthology, set 15 years in the future, explores what happens when a science test can reveal who a person’s soulmate is and how its results affect different relationships, and TV Insider has an exclusive first look at the trailer and key art.

Season 1’s cast includes Sarah Snook, Kingsley Ben-Adir, David Costabile, Sonya Cassidy, Charlie Heaton, Malin Akerman, Bill Skarsgård, Betsy Brandt, JJ Feild, Laia Costa, Shamier Anderson, Georgina Campbell, and Nathan Stewart-Jarrett. Get a look at their stories across the six episodes, as well as the test, in the video below. Will finding out who their soulmates are make them happy? Or will they wish they’d raised their right hands and stopped the “perfectly harmless” test?

Plus, scroll down to see the key art.

Soulmates, written by Will Bridges and Brett Goldstein, has already been renewed for a second season.

Soulmates, Series Premiere, Sunday, October 5, 10/9c, AMC

Soulmates Season 1 Key Art Shamier Anderson Laia Costa

Shamier Anderson and Laia Costa

Soulmates Season 1 Key Art Charlie Heaton Malin Akerman

Charlie Heaton and Malin Akerman

Soulmates Season 1 Key Art Sonya Cassidy David Costabile

Sonya Cassidy and David Costabile

Soulmates Season 1 Key Art Nathan Stewart Jarrett Bill Skarsgard

Nathan Stewart-Jarrett and Bill Skarsgård

Soulmates Season 1 Key Art Betsy Brandt JJ Feild

Betsy Brandt and JJ Feild

Soulmates Season 1 Key Art Kingsley Ben Adir Sarah Snook

Kingsley Ben-Adir and Sarah Snook