13 Actors Who Guest-Starred on ‘Smallville,’ Which Ended 10 Years Ago

Smallville Amy Adams Shad Moss Ian Somerhalder
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Casual Smallville fans know the show’s core cast members—including, ahem, the now-disgraced Allison Mack. Devoted fans, meanwhile, probably remember that Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles starred on the WB-turned-CW drama for one season and This Is UsJustin Hartley was a series regular for three. But now that the show will have been off the air for 10 years come May 13, how many of its famous guest stars do you remember?

Just as Smallville showed Clark Kent (Tom Welling) before he was Superman, many of these actors appeared on the show before they were big names. Others, however, brought established star power to the show.

Scroll down to see some of these recognizable day players from Smallville’s 10-season run, including two Vampire Diaries stars, two Beverly Hills, 90210 alums, an actress with six Oscar nominations to her name, and a certain Star Wars princess!

Smallville - Lizzy Caplan
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Lizzy Caplan

The Emmy-nominated Masters of Sex actress guest-starred in Season 1’s “X-Ray,” playing Tina Greer, a shapeshifting teenager obsessed with Lana Lang’s (Kristin Kreuk) life. She reprised the role in Season 2.

Smallville - Amy Adams
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Amy Adams

This six-time Oscar nominee played Jodi Melville—a bullied high schooler whose hyperactive metabolism drives her murderous impulses—in the aptly named Season 1 episode “Craving.” (Fun fact: Adams would go on to play Lois Lane in the DC Extended Universe.)

Smallville Jonathan Taylor Thomas
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Jonathan Taylor Thomas

In Season 2’s “Dichotic” and again in Season 3’s “Asylum,” this Home Improvement star and teen idol played Ian Randall, a high schooler who uses his autonomous cloning ability to get ahead at Smallville High.

Smallville Paul Wesley
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Paul Wesley

While he was still going by Paul Wasilewski in Hollywood, this Vampire Diaries actor guest-starred in Season 2’s “Prodigal,” playing Lex Luthor’s (Michael Rosenbaum) half brother and Lionel Luthor’s (John Glover) abandoned son.

Smallville Ian Somerhalder
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Ian Somerhalder

Wesley’s Vampire Diaries costar, who’s also known for his role on Lost, recurred in Season 3 as Adam Knight, a teen Lionel resurrected through the Lazarus program and recruited to spy on Clark and Lana.

Chris Carmack in Smallville
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Chris Carmack

In Season 4’s “Recruit,” this Nashville and Grey’s Anatomy star had a one-off role as Geoff Johns, a college athlete who uses his powers of paralysis to his advantage.

Smallville Carrie Fisher
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Carrie Fisher

The late Star Wars actress behind Princess Leia made a cameo in Season 5’s “Thirst,” playing Daily Planet editor-in-chief Pauline Khan, who ultimately gives Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack) her dream job at the newspaper.

Cory Monteith in Smallville
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Cory Monteith

In the same episode, this gone-too-soon Glee leading man had a “bit” part—pardon the pun—as a frat brother nearly bitten by a temporarily-vampiric Lana.

Smallville Shad Moss
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Shad Moss

The actor and rapper formerly known as Lil’ Bow Wow guest-starred in Season 6’s “Fallout” as both a teen named Lamar and the Phantom Zone wraith that possesses his body.

Tyler Posey in Smallville
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Tyler Posey

In Season 6’s “Subterranean,” this Teen Wolf actor played Javier Ramirez, an undocumented teen whom Clark and mom Martha Kent (Annette O’Toole) rescued from a murderous farmer.

Smallville - Tori Spelling
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Tori Spelling

The Beverly Hills, 90210 actress guest-starred in Season 7’s “Hydro,” playing Linda Lake, a Daily Planet gossip columnist who gets her scoops by turning into water.

Smallville Christina Milian
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Christina Milian

In Season 7’s “Action,” this pop singer played Rachel Davenport, a movie star Clark saves from a stunt gone wrong on Clark Farm.

Smallville Brian Austin Green
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Brian Austin Green

This actor, one of Spelling’s 90210 costars, recurred in Smallville’s penultimate season, playing Daily Planet reporter John Corben, who moonlit as the kryptonite-powered villain Metallo.