Will Gibbs’ Next Move End His Career at ‘NCIS’? (VIDEO)

Mark Harmon NCIS Season 18 Episode 13 Gibbs
Bill Inoshita/CBS

Is Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) looking down a new career path on NCIS? He may have to, considering it doesn’t sound like he’s going to be doing anything to get back in the federal agency’s good graces in the next episode.

Since his suspension after beating a man who was running a dogfighting ring and killing the losers (Gibbs regretted not killing him), the taciturn special agent has been discovering life outside of NCIS. Yes, he’s bored—he completed his to-do list rather quickly in the April 27 episode—but he’s also talking to investigative reporter Marcie Warren (played by Harmon’s real-life wife, Pam Dawber). Not only did he tell her the truth about his suspension for an article, but she’s asked him for his opinion on something else she’s working on. And it looks like the files he was reading after that may be what takes him to court in the next episode, “Misconduct,” as glimpsed in the May 4 promo and photos.

“If you do this, there’s no looking back,” Director Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll) warns Gibbs, who’s about to take the stand. “Your career at NCIS could very well be over.”

“That’s a chance I’m going to have to take,” Gibbs replies.

This next episode sees Gibbs testifying against a financial adviser who stole millions from Navy clients. Meanwhile, his (former) team investigates a biker killed in a hit and run.

Scroll down for photos of Gibbs in court and the team at a crime scene.

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Bishop McGee Torres NCIS Season 18 Episode 13
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Bishop (Emily Wickersham), McGee (Sean Murray), and Torres (Wilmer Valderrama)

Gibbs Court NCIS Season 18 Episode 13
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Gibbs (Mark Harmon) in court

Torres McGee NCIS Season 18 Episode 13
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Torres and McGee

Gibbs NCIS Season 18 Episode 13 Court
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Gibbs (in back)

NCIS Season 18 Episode 13 Torres Bishop
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Torres and Bishop

Wilmer Valderrama NCIS Season 18 Episode 13 Torres
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What’s Torres looking at?

Rocky Carroll NCIS Season 18 Episode 13 Vance
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Director Vance (Rocky Carroll)