Meet the Characters of Hulu’s ‘Love, Victor’

Love Victor Cast

Hulu’s new series Love, Victor arrives soon, and for fans looking forward to tuning in, now’s the perfect time to learn more about the cast of characters involved.

Set within the same world as the 2018 critically-acclaimed film Love, Simon, this show follows a new young man named Victor (Michael Cimino). A new student at Creekwood High School, Victor will go on his own journey of self-discovery as he is forced to face the challenges that accompany growing up including struggles at home, adjusting to new surroundings and exploring his sexuality.

Similar to Simon (Nick Robinson) in the film, Victor reaches out for guidance from the former Creekwood High student who helps him navigate the ups and downs of life as a teenager. Robinson returns through voiceover and the film’s writers Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger serve as executive producers, bringing the tone of the original to this sweet spinoff sequel.

Below, we’re breaking down the new faces joining the universe and where they fit into Victor’s life — and make sure you catch the arrival of Love, Victor on June 17, two days earlier than originally slated.

Love, Victor, Series Premiere, Wednesday, June 17, Hulu

Love Victor Michael Cimino

Victor (Michael Cimino)

The titular character isn’t much different from any teen who is going through a change, but with the weight of making new friends, finding himself and coming into his own without the full support of his family it’s a tough time. Hopefully the new people in Victor’s life and the guidance of Simon will make the process a little easier, but we’re definitely sensing some drama ahead.

Ana Ortiz in Love Victor

Isabel (Ana Ortiz)

Isabel is Victor’s mother, who along with her family moves from Texas to Atlanta to begin fresh. Warm and loving towards her husband and children, she puts on a brave face despite the struggles she endures with having to relocate her family across the country. Can she maintain her strength or will family drama cause problems?

James Martinez as Armando in Love Victor

Armando (James Martinez)

Victor’s father Armando is described as a “blue collar ‘guy’s guy'” who works hard to support his wife and kids. Showing his love through that work, Armando’s views don’t always align with his son which could cause some issues between them.

Love Victor Isabelle Ferreira

Pilar (Isabelle Ferreira)

The angsty Pilar is Victor’s younger sister who is in the middle of a sullen teenage era of her life. Attending Creekwood High with her brother, she’ll deal with her own set of problems as she acclimates to a new school, life and friends.

Love Victor Mateo Fernandez

Adrian (Mateo Fernandez)

The youngest son of Isabel and Armando, Adrian is Victor’s true blue brother who is described as “good-natured” and “adorable.” While he’ll be part of Victor’s home life, it’s not likely he’ll be in the middle of Creekwood High’s drama.

Love Victor Rachel Hilson

Mia (Rachel Naomi Hilson)

Upon Victor’s arrival at Creekwood, he’ll meet Mia who becomes one of his best friends that will help him get through some of the tough times he’s facing. The witty young woman is a light and bubbly presence in Victor’s life as she’s always ready to engage in some laughter.

Love Victor Bebe Wood

Lake (Bebe Wood)

A friend of Mia’s, Lake gets in the mix with Victor and his circle of new friends. She’s really into social media — to the point of obsession — and her quirky nature makes her an interesting addition to the group. She’s likely to make viewers laugh from time to time if her interests are any indication.

Love Victor Anthony Turpel

Felix (Anthony Turpel)

Felix is Victor’s awkward neighbor and friend who will help him navigate Creekwood along with Mia and Lake among others. During their interactions in previews, it would seem like Felix is a well of information at Victor’s disposal which should make his transition into a new life a bit easier.

Love Victor George Sear

Benji (George Sear)

A Creekwood student, Benji is a confident and charming classmate of Victor’s that, judging by the trailer, will be one of his possible love interests. Whether anything happens between them or not will remain to be seen, but fans should keep an eye on this possible match for the show’s protagonist.

Mason Gooding as Andrew in Love Victor

Andrew (Mason Gooding)

Andrew is Creekwood’s resident jock who is both cocky and basketball obsessed. It’s unclear if he’ll be an obstacle for Victor to face or an ally in his journey. Either way, Andrew’s in the Creekwood fray, widening the circle of students that Victor will be in touch with.