The New ‘Locke & Key’ Threat & More Burning Questions for Season 3

Emilia Jones, Petrice Jones, Aaron Ashmore, Jackson Robert Scott, Connor Jessup in Locke & Key
Courtesy of Netflix

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 2 of Locke & Key.]

Season 2 of Locke & Key dropped a week ago on Netflix, so of course we’re already wondering what’s coming next. After all, while the finale closes the door on some major plot lines, it also unlocks many new questions (which is why we’re glad it’s already been renewed for a third season!).

One arc comes to a close with the death of Dodge (Laysla De Oliveira), but another is just beginning with the emergence of a new enemy, Captain Frederick Gideon (Kevin Durand). In this new arc, what will Tyler (Connor Jessup) decide about his future when it comes to magic? What’s next for Kinsey (Emilia Jones) and Scot’s (Petrice Jones) relationship? Will Nina’s (Darby Stanchfield) latest experience with magic allow her to finally move past Rendell’s (Bill Heck) death?

Scroll down to see which burning questions need to be answered in Season 3.

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Is Tyler going to forget magic?

Before he leaves on his road trip to Boston, Tyler tells his siblings that he doesn’t intend on using the Memory Key — adults forget magic — because he wants to live a “normal life.” With the death of Jackie (Genevieve Kang) still fresh on his mind, it’s understandable why he would want to forget the keys and the magic that comes with them. But as there is a new threat on the rise, it’s unlikely that he wouldn’t return to help his siblings. Will Kinsey and Bode (Jackson Robert Scott) make the decision to use the Memory Key on Tyler to restore his memories?


Will Kinsey or Bode ever be able to make keys?

Only a select few Lockes can make keys, but how is it decided who is given the ability? Duncan (Aaron Ashmore) is one of very few people known to have the ability to forge keys. Among the current Locke children, Tyler is the only one out of the three who discovered he can do so, but in choosing to forget magic he will no longer be able to. Will Kinsey or Bode find out they too have the ability in his absence?


Will Nina’s ability to remember magic finally give her the closure she needs?

Nina’s life is so interwoven with magic that her inability to remember it leaves gaping holes in her memory. Season 2 ends with Bode implying that he’s going to use the Memory Key on his mother to finally allow her to remember. Assuming he does and she’ll finally have the ability to understand Rendell’s past, will she be able to find closure with her husband’s death? Will she allow herself to move on and potentially give a future with Josh (Brendan Hines) a chance?


Who is Captain Frederick Gideon and what are his plans?

Captain Gideon’s backstory may have been told, but nothing is yet known about the identity of the demon inhabiting him. During Eden’s (Hallea Jones) attempt to establish superiority over him, she implies that in the demon world, Captain Gideon is someone of importance. There’s no doubt he will be a powerful foe, one whose abilities may rival Dodge’s, but no hint was given as to what his plans are. What is it he’s after?


Will Kinsey and Scot stay together?

Kinsey and Scot’s relationship has never been easy, but how will long distance impact their relationship? Finding out Gabe (Griffin Gluck) was Dodge in disguise pushed Kinsey to finally act on the feelings for Scot she had previously pushed aside. Shortly after the two got back together, though, Scot revealed that he had been accepted to film school in England. His move across the ocean wouldn’t be nearly as daunting if the Lockes still possessed the Anywhere Key, but that one is now in the hands of Captain Gideon. Will Scot and Kinsey be able to make their long-distance relationship work?


Have we seen the last of Lucas?

Finally free of Dodge, Lucas (Felix Mallard) is himself again and reunites with Ellie (Sherri Saum). He isn’t with her when she reunites with Rufus (Coby Bird), though, so his current whereabouts are unknown. Chances are we will see him again as he and Ellie are now the only surviving Keepers of the Keys. Will he help the Lockes defeat Captain Gideon, or will he move elsewhere to finally live a normal life?


Is Eden really dead?

Demons are tougher to kill than humans, but Eden’s drop head first into the well by Captain Gideon may have been her end. With Eden’s resilience, though, it wouldn’t be all too shocking if she manages to survive. If she does, maybe she’ll seek vengeance on Captain Gideon for turning on her. If she was willing to go up against Dodge for betraying her, she’ll likely be up for the challenge to do it again with Captain Gideon.