10 Hallmark Christmas 2021 Movies That Should Get Sequels

Sister Swap, The Nine Kittens of Christmas, Next Stop Christmas
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When we tune in to Hallmark Christmas movies — whether part of the “Countdown to Christmas” or “Miracles of Christmas” event — we know what to expect: a heartwarming story, with a misunderstanding along the way for the central couple, and the two getting together in the final moments. Everything is wrapped up in a bow. But what if that wasn’t it?

After all, the 2021 offerings feature a couple sequels to previous movies — The Nine Kittens of Christmas (to 2014’s The Nine Lives of Christmas) and The Christmas House 2: Deck Those Halls (to 2020’s The Christmas House). And since we love seeing our favorite characters again (it’s why we’re such big TV fans), we can’t help but wonder which of this year’s movies would make for great sequels going forward.

In one case, the concept would work with an almost entirely new cast (like Next Stop, Christmas), while in others, we’re hoping to see the happily ever after (like the aforementioned Nine Kittens of Christmas). And we enjoyed the Sister Swap companions so much, we know exactly how we’d like to see those characters again, though in a slightly different way.

Read on as we propose sequels for eight of 2021’s Hallmark Christmas movies.

Emily Osment, Casey Deidrick in A Very Merry Bridesmaid
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A Very Merry Bridesmaid

At the end of the film, Leah (Emily Osment) planned to travel, while Drew (Casey Deidrick) revealed his plans to not sell his Nana’s house. So where might we find them a year (or two) later? Are they still together? Might he be planning to propose as a joint Christmas Eve/birthday present, and cue the hijinks as her brother (his best friend) and the rest of the family gets involved? Speaking of the rest of the family, do Leah’s parents return from Portugal for the holidays?

Marielle Scott, Ryan Rottman, Christa B Allen, Everick Golding, Cardi Wong, Ashley Newbrough in Christmas for Keeps
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Christmas for Keeps

A couple years later, Mia (Marielle Scott) could bring everyone back together to save the annual production of A Christmas Carol for their teacher’s memory. (Maybe it has to do with budget cuts, or maybe there’s just a grinch-y principal.) We could see how Avery (Christa B. Allen) and Ben (Ryan Rottman) are doing being together in Michigan, Sarah (Ashley Newbrough) could have taken over her father’s practice, and Noah’s (Cardi Wong) cookie business could be a success.

The Cast of The Christmas House 2 Deck Those Halls
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The Christmas House 2: Deck Those Halls

After watching brothers Mike (Robert Buckley) and Brandon (Jonathan Bennett) compete in this year’s offering, why not have them work together to build one Christmas House scene across their two houses in a third movie in the franchise? After all, Brandon, his husband Jake (Brad Harder), and their two kids are buying Andi’s (Ana Ayora) mother’s house. Plus, considering how important Christmas is to Mike and Andi, the holiday would also be the perfect setting for their wedding. The Mitchells would have those two events the same year.

Dee Wallace, Erin Cahill, Ali Liebert, Brittany Ishibashi in Every Time A Bell Rings
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Every Time a Bell Rings

Where are the sisters — Charlotte (Erin Cahill), Emily (Brittany Ishibashi), and Nora (Ali Liebert) — a year later? How does Charlotte’s biological mother fit in with the family for the holidays? Is Emily ready to have a baby with her husband, Paul (Ryan Sands)? Are Nora and Maizy (Lyndie Greenwood) still together? (Nora had planned to visit her in New Orleans, but might Maizy relocate to Natchez permanently?) Will we see Charlotte and Liam (Wes Brown) in a relationship after they (finally) got together at the end of the movie?

Aimee Teegarden, Andrew Walker in My Christmas Family Tree
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My Christmas Family Tree

Vanessa (Aimee Teegarden) spent most of her time with her biological father’s (James Tupper) family for Christmas worried about telling them that Family Tree made a mistake and they weren’t related … only to find out in the end that they actually are. So what are the holidays like after everyone’s gotten to know each other without anything hanging over any of them? Will Kristopher (Andrew Walker) plan to propose, and of course, the entire family gets involved, considering he’s practically part of it already?

Christopher Lloyd, Lyndsy Fonseca in Next Stop, Christmas
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Next Stop, Christmas

Thanks to Christopher Lloyd’s ticket agent/train conductor, Angie (Lyndsy Fonseca) traveled back 10 years and set herself on a new romantic path (one that caught up with her when she returned to the present). While it could be cool to have her cameo in a future movie, why not have Lloyd’s character return to guide a new character on a journey — maybe this time to the future?

Brandon Routh, Kimberley Sustad in The Nine Kittens of Christmas
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The Nine Kittens of Christmas

Considering the sequel revealed Marilee (Kimberley Sustad) and Zachary (Brandon Routh) had broken up in the years that passed, why not have a film where we actually get to see them together? After all, they didn’t get back together — and engaged! — until the final scene of this one. Let’s see them plan their wedding, Marilee as a vet, Zachary at the firehouse, and, of course, the cats (especially Ambrose — we’re still not over the fact Queenie died).

Brett Dalton and Eloise Mumford in One December Night
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One December Night

A year after Bedford & Sullivan’s reunion, how are the rock stars doing — Steve (Bruce Campbell) with Alzheimer’s and Mike (Peter Gallagher)  with his sobriety? A sequel could feature special appearances from them as a check-in, with the focus on their kids, music managers Jason (Brett Dalton) and Quinn (Eloise Mumford). How did going on the road with Addison go for Quinn? Is she splitting time between her hometown and the city? Are Quinn and Jason still together?

Ashley Williams, Kimberly Williams- Paisley in Sister Swap
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Sister Swap

Real-life sisters Kimberly Williams-Paisley and Ashley Williams play sisters Jennifer and Meg in the companion films, A Hometown Holiday and Christmas in the City, and each found love — Jennifer with her former debate team rival Eric (Mark Deklin) and Meg with her sister’s restaurant manager Joe (Keith Robinson). But why not capitalize on how much fun the sisters are on-screen together and make the next two movies take place over two separate holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas, or Christmas and New Year’s), to have them in the same place more often than not and check in on how their lives are going professionally and personally? (They could even be Sister Swap Weddings.)