New Season Scoop on ‘The Flash,’ ‘The Walking Dead’ & More (PHOTOS)

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New season scoop
Maarten de Boer/@iheartmaarten
Patrick Stewart
Maarten de Boer/@iheartmaarten

Star Trek: Picard — Make It So!

The resounding roar heard at Comic-Con July 20 came from the ecstatic crowd who had just seen the trailer for CBS All Access’ Star Trek: Picard, starring Patrick Stewart (above) as Capt. Jean-Luc Picard (1987–94’s Star Trek: The Next Generation and last seen in the 2002 movie Star Trek: Nemesis).

“Nearly 20 years have passed for me as well as Jean-Luc, and they’ve been eventful, so there’s all that stuff to draw on and put into the show,” Stewart says.

The drama, due in early 2020, finds the retired hero returning to Starfleet and assembling a new crew after meeting the mysterious and powerful Dahj (Isa Briones). The cast also includes franchise favorites like Lieutenant Commander Data (Brent Spiner), Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan), Hugh/Third of Five (Jonathan Del Arco), Commander Riker (Jonathan Frakes), and Counselor Troi (Marina Sirtis).

As has been the norm since the first Star Trek series, strong women and a diverse cast are front and center. “The original broke barriers and was the first time I saw someone [Nichelle Nichols’ Uhura] who looked like me on television,” says Michelle Hurd (former intelligence officer Raffi Musiker), adding that Picard “is full of humanity, of imperfect people.” Beam us up! — Jim Halterman

Maarten de Boer/@iheartmaarten


When not parrying questions about how the CW series will end after 15 seasons, Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Alexander Calvert (from left) joked about how much fun they still have on set. But the guys also teared up at their final Comic-Con panel.

“I’m really lucky my friendships won’t go away,” Padalecki said.

Grant Gustin
Maarten de Boer/@iheartmaarten

The Flash

Grant Gustin was full of energy when he came by TV Guide Magazine’s Comic-Con photo suite. (Maybe his prop Flash ring gave him a boost!) One big reveal: Season 6 of the CW drama will have a horror angle, thanks to new villain Dr. Ramsey Rosso/Bloodwork (Heroes‘ Sendhil Ramamurthy).

Wil Pierce


Superstore‘s Ben Feldman and Lauren Ash stopped by the TV Insider video suite, sponsored by Tate’s Bake Shop, during the NBC comedy’s first trip to Comic-Con. On their panel, the cast revealed that a musical episode could be in the works. “Since Season 1, we’ve asked for this,” Ash said.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Maarten de Boer/@iheartmaarten

The Walking Dead

Could we see a semi-reformed Negan this fall on the AMC drama? The baddie, who spent most of Season 9 in jail, is “out picking tomatoes and doing laundry during the day and back in his cell at night,” revealed Morgan.

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Your favorite stars stopped by TV Insider’s suite at San Diego Comic-Con to have fun in our photo studio (and enjoy cookies from sponsor Tate’s Bake Shop).

They also dropped some hints about what to expect from their new shows and new seasons, so click through the gallery above for scoop on Star Trek: PicardThe FlashSuperstore, and more.