Best Lines of the Week (October 29-November 4): ‘So This Is What Being Canceled Looks Like!’

The Morning Show
Apple TV+

The weather is getting colder and we’re getting cozy as we watch our forever favorites resurface on television. A week full of throwbacks brought us remakes and memories that keep our hearts warm and our moods happy as winter approaches.

Our favorite team of hilarious teenage mystery solvers graced our screens in the Scooby-Doo, Where Are You Now! reunion special. ’80s sitcom Head of the Class got a fresh new look in the newly released HBO Max reboot. And to round out our week of vintage feels, Season 9 of The Goldbergs brought an accurate depiction of the ’80s, as always.

Along with these iconic throwbacks, our weekly favorites (such as The Voice and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon) grace our Best Lines list, as well as a pivotal episode of The Morning Show. Read on for our standout lines of the week!

Scooby, Shaggy, Velma, Daphne, and Fred solving a mystery.

Scooby-Doo, Where Are You Now! (The CW)

“The characters really are archetypes. You know like, Fred is the muscle, and Daphne is the heart, and Velma is the brain. And Scooby and Shaggy are the stomach.”

– Tony Cervone, the director of Scoob! and the showrunner of Mystery Incorporated, on the group of iconic teenage mystery solvers.

Contestant Crystelle is ecstatic after receiving a handshak from judge Paul Hollywood on The Great British Baking Show

The Great British Baking Show (Netflix)

“I was like, ‘Something’s gone wrong.’ And then, out came his hand, and I just died. I literally died. So maybe I’m a ghost, maybe that’s why I feel weird.”

– Crystelle after receiving a handshake from Paul Hollywood for her curry pie during Pastry Week.

Jennifer Aniston as Alex Levy and Steve Carell as Mitch Kessler in The Morning Show
Apple TV+

The Morning Show (Apple TV+)

“So this is what being cancelled looks like!”

– Alex (Jennifer Aniston) says when paying a visit to Mitch (Steve Carell), who’s been staying in an Italian mansion after being publicly exiled on national television.

Ariana Grande in The Voice

The Voice (NBC)

“I’m a little bit offended that ‘Boy, you got me walking side to side’ did not earn me a spot in your top lyricists.”

Ariana Grande comically responds to Sasha Allen stating that Ed Sheeran is his favorite lyricist by reciting some of her raunchy lyrics.

Cedric the Entertainer as Calvin in The Neighborhood

The Neighborhood (CBS)

“I’m the reason Freddy Kruger moved to Elm Street.”

– Calvin (Cedric the Entertainer) explains why he doesn’t get scared on Halloween — because he’s been pranking the neighborhood for 30 years.


The Goldbergs (ABC)

Valley Erica: “Word of advice, do not have triplets.”

Erica Goldberg: “Triplets?! How long has it been since we spoke?”

Valley Erica: “Not long. Things move quickly in Scottsdale.”

– Erica (Hayley Orrantia) calls her friends, including “Valley Erica” (Alison Rich), to try and find someone to help her plan fun wedding activities.


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (CBS)

Stephen: “Can you give any advice to people who might be dealing with drama at the Thanksgiving table?”

Andy: “My advice is to lean into it. If you have two people at the table who don’t like each other, make the dinner interesting for everyone.”

Stephen Colbert asks Andy Cohen for advice on Thanksgiving family drama.

The students and teacher Alicia stand in the hallway

Head of the Class(HBO Max)

Alicia: “So, do you guys feel like if you make one mistake, it’s going to ruin your whole life?”

Makayla: “Are you familiar with the internet?”

– Makayla (Jolie Hoang-Rappaport) and the group debate ‘cancel culture’ on their first day of class with Alicia (Isabella Gomez) as their new permanent teacher.

April Bowlby in Doom Patrol

Doom Patrol (HBO Max)

“Who’da thought that a deadbeat robo-dad with a brain disease is the only capable member left on the team? Larry’s got a baby. Vic’s depowered. And Jane’s head is empty. We’re two bananas short of a dog-sh*t sundae.”

– Cliff (Brendan Fraser) points out how he’s the only one left fully capable of anchoring Rita’s (April Bowlby) plan to bring down the Brotherhood of Evil.


The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (NBC)

“All it took was a day for Jay-Z to realize, ‘I’m a billionaire married to Beyonce, who cares what anyone else is doing!’”

Jimmy Fallon guesses why Jay-Z deleted his Instagram account one day after creating it.