‘Outer Banks’ First Look Teases More Drama for the Pogues in Season 2 (PHOTOS)

Outer Banks Season 2 Chase Stokes Madelyn Cline

Netflix is giving Outer Banks fans their first look at Season 2 with newly released images featuring the Pogues (a.k.a. the teens at the center of this drama) of OBX.

The coming of age story continues, picking up following a near-death escape in Season 1, Season 2 finds John B (Chase Stokes) and Sarah (Madelyn Cline) on the run — and in over their heads — in the Bahamas. On the trail of the gold once more, new friends will bring new foes into their orbit.

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Meanwhile, the stakes for Kiara (Madison Bailey), Pope (Jonathan Daviss), and JJ (Rudy Pankow) back home are escalating quickly. The adventure of a lifetime awaits as new-found secrets could bring the Pogues back together for a new mission. With the $400 million still in play, anything is possible, but staying alive might be the greatest challenge yet.

Created and executive produced by Jonas Pate, Josh Pate, and Shannon Burke, Outer Banks‘ creative team is promising plenty of action is on the horizon.

Outer Banks Season 2 cast netflix


“Season 2 is going to test our crew like never before. We’ve turned up the dial on everything fans loved about season one – more mystery, more romance and higher stakes. It’s a full throttle, action-packed adventure and these photos offer a glimpse into the next chapter for our Pogues,” they teased in a joint statement. “All we can say for now is buckle up, it’s going to be a wild ride.”

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Season 2 will feature 10 one-hour episodes and will see the return of stars Stokes, Cline, Bailey, Daviss, Pankow, Austin North, Drew Starkey, Charles Esten, Caroline Arapoglou, Carlacia Grant, Elizabeth Mitchell, Julia Antonelli, Deion Smith, Cullen Moss, and Nicholas Cirillo.

Stay tuned for additional details as Outer Banks prepares for its Season 2 debut sometime this summer on Netflix.

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