‘Dynasty’ Is Back! Will Fallon & Liam Tie the Knot… or Not? (VIDEO)

Here comes the snide!

And it’s about damn time. Dynasty returns tonight exactly one day less than a year after Season 3 concluded (lord, our patience has been tested) and even though it’s been an entire pandemic since we last saw the Carringtons, they have not lost an ounce of their soapy insanity in the interim.

Sneak Peek: Can Alexis and Cristal Make Peace on 'Dynasty'? (VIDEO)See Also

Sneak Peek: Can Alexis and Cristal Make Peace on 'Dynasty'? (VIDEO)

The time-tested rivalry lives on in this week's episode.

In fact, like most of us in quarantine, they may have gained a few, especially now that Fallon (Elizabeth Gillies) has gone full bridezilla planning her wedding to Liam (Adam Huber). There’s apparently even a florist somewhere in Atlanta crying over her “constructive criticism about carnations.” Unfortunately, all of her un-bridal’ed bullying may not make her trip down the aisle any easier: Omens of all sorts abound early on in the episode which point to some sort of peril awaiting the happy couple.

Dynasty + Adam Huber + Alizabeth Gillies

Bob Mahoney/The CW

In this exclusive clip, the domineering Fallon Unlimited media mogul gets another sign that her big day may be in big trouble when their rehearsal dinner takes an unfortunate turn. Surrounding by family and frenemies — we see you Auntie Dominique Devereaux (Michael Michele)! — she and Liam toast their “new drama-free, yet blissful chapter” just as a clumsy waiter and Liam’s wretched mother (Sharon Lawrence) arrive to darken their blue skies. This, mind you, is after a very unsettling flashforward that opens the hour.

Dynasty + Michael Michele

Wilford Harewood/The CW

Liam and Fallon aren’t the only ones having a rough lead-up to the nups, either. Blake (Grant Show) is still trying to make things right with Cristal (Daniella Alonso) and save Carrington Atlantic, Dominique is willing to get felonious to finance her new sleepwear line, and Adam (Sam Underwood)…well, that sociopath is starting to panic now that Anders (Alan Dale) has figured out just how nuts his daughter’s new guy is.

This all sounds very dark and dramatic, but we need to point out once again that this reboot of the ABC classic is also one of the snarkiest, wittiest and unsung treats on broadcast TV. What other soap serves up lines about Parasite, The Notebook, Gloria Swanson, and male menopause? So get into it, people.

Dynasty, Season 4 Premiere, Friday, May 7, 9/8c, The CW