Sneak Peek: Can Alexis and Cristal Make Peace on ‘Dynasty’? (VIDEO)

That would be a Carrington mansion-sized “No.”

The CW’s rollicking reboot of Dynasty has changed up a lot of things, not just from ABC original from the ’80s, but also from its first season. In addition to a rash of behind-the-scenes shakeups, there have also been three Cristals and two Alexises. Three, if you count Elizabeth Gillies‘ double-duty as both Fallon and her own mother, post-plastic surgery.

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Why 'Dynasty' Is More Than a Guilty Pleasure

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The one thing that remains unaltered is the burning, bitch-slapping hatred between Alexis and Cristal, now played by Elaine Hendrix and Daniella Alonso, respectively. Just last week, the women engaged in a nearly perfect recreation of the original’s iconic lily pond smackdown, complete with Alexis’ gargantuan hat and goading about Cristal’s lost baby. It was as delicious as the episode’s insanely entertaining performance of The Turtles’ “Happy Together” by Fallon (Gillies) and Adam (Sam Underwood)… at a cult compound. Seriously, this show is bonkers in the best way.

This week, Alexis and Cristal are at it again, only on dry land. In the above exclusive clip from the hour, Blake Carrington’s current and former wives square off over who threw the first punch while also addressing the fact that Alexis was the real reason Cristal suffered a miscarriage last season. And while we support the idea of Cristal seeking therapy to handle the loss, we’re also big fans of her getting revenge on blondie if it means more moments like this.

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