U.S. & Soviet Tensions Flare in a ‘For All Mankind’ Season 2 Finale Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

Apple TV+ space race drama For All Mankind is hurtling towards its Season 2 finale with tensions between the U.S. and Soviet Union reaching astronomical heights.

The episode “The Grey” kicks off on the streamer Friday, April 23 and we have an exclusive sneak peek of the action. In the first look clip, above, the astronauts from the U.S.’s Jamestown base continue to hold Soviet cosmonaut Rolan Baranov (Alexander Sokovikov) under asylum.

At the same time the Soviets are holding one of their own, commander Alex Rossi (Scott Michael Campbell), in custody. In an effort to ease tensions, Alex speaks to the Jamestown base over their intercom system, seeking out a trade of sorts.

“Jamestown base, this is your commander. I am being held by the Soviets,” he says. “They have not harmed me. They are offering an exchange, me for their fellow cosmonaut, Rolan Baranov.” Uncertainty flashes across the U.S. astronauts’ faces as they listen in.

for all mankind season 2

(Credit: Apple TV+)

But when the calm address turns into a tense plea from Alex as he begs, “Don’t do it, don’t do it…” before sounds resembling gunfire follow, fears escalate. Watch the clip above to see as they debate whether or not to make the trade or risk their commander for what they think is right.

Will they make it out unscathed? Only time will tell when For All Mankind‘s Season 2 finale arrives this week on Apple.

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