‘For All Mankind’ Stars on Season 2’s Time Jump & What’s Next for the Baldwins (VIDEO)

The space race continues as Apple TV+’s For All Mankind returns for Season 2, and stars Joel Kinnaman and Shantel VanSanten are previewing what’s to come.

In a video interview with TV Insider, the actors open up about the show’s next chapter — where Kinnaman’s character, Ed, is back on earth — as the action jumps nine years into the future. Now 1983, it’s the height of the Cold War; Ronald Reagan is in power and tensions are at an all-time high between the U.S. and the (then) U.S.S.R.

The duo discuss the changes that have happened, mainly through the the lens of their characters, Edward and Karen Baldwin (VanSanten). “I thought Karen had been through the biggest changes she ever could have gone through, and then I started getting the scripts and realizing, ‘Oh, she’s going through quite the crisis,'” VanSanten says.

One major change: The progress Karen and Edward have made in the years following their son Shane’s death, which occurred while Edward was working in space. “We get to explore them as a unit,” VanSanten promises.

for all mankind season 2 shantel vansanten

(Credit: Apple TV+)

As for Edward, “he’s finding some kind of happiness and ease,” Kinnaman says.

Check out the full video interview above, and don’t miss For All Mankind‘s return on Apple TV+.

For All Mankind, Season 2 Premiere, Friday, February 19, Apple TV+