‘Jupiter’s Legacy’: 3 Reasons to Watch Netflix’s New Superhero Series

jupiter's legacy

The hit comic book series about the Union of Justice, old-school superheroes battling modern problems, jumps from page to stream in Netflix’s Jupiter’s Legacy. If leading man Josh Duhamel isn’t enough to draw you in for the May 7 series premiere, how about this?

'Jupiter's Legacy' Teaser Takes the Characters From the Comic to the Screen (VIDEO)See Also

'Jupiter's Legacy' Teaser Takes the Characters From the Comic to the Screen (VIDEO)

Meet Josh Duhamel's The Utopian/Sheldon Sampson, Leslie Bibb's Lady Liberty/Grace Sampson, and others.

1. It’s This is Us with capes.

Jupiter grounds the costumed action with bursts of gut-punching family drama by focusing on the resentful kids (Andrew Horton and Elena Kampouris) of legendary heroes the Utopian (Duhamel) and Lady Liberty (Leslie Bibb).

2. It has many layers.

Along with a main plot that sees members of the Union at odds over whether they have an outdated code (no killing or governing allowed!), flashbacks to the 1920s and ’30s tell the origin story of how the core team attained their superpowers. And it’s bananas.

jupiter's legacy cast


3. Good versus evil isn’t always black and white.

In an early twist, it’s revealed that one of the Union members has gone to the dark side…but may actually be more interested in serving the greater good than the so-called good guys!

Jupiter’s Legacy, Series Premiere, Friday, May 7, Netflix