The 5 Most Stunning Revelations From Meghan and Harry’s Big Interview With Oprah

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These two royals came ready to spill. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry revealed all kinds of amazing secrets in their big interview with Oprah Winfrey on Oprah With Meghan and Harry on CBS and, in case you missed what happened, here are some of the jaw-dropping highlights:

It’s a Girl!

Pregnant Meghan and Harry disclosed that their second child is a girl and that they’re planning no more kids after the tot arrives this summer. “To have a boy a boy then a girl — what more can you ask for?” said Harry. “Now we’ve got our family and we’ve got four of us.”

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The Royals Discussed How ‘Dark’ Archie’s Skin Color Would Be

Meghan revealed — and Harry confirmed — that there were “conversations” in the royal family about “how dark” Archie’s skin color would be. When an astonished Winfrey pushed them to name names, Harry declared that it’s a “conversation I’m never going to share. It was awkward. I was a bit shocked.” Meghan also disclosed that Buckingham Palace decreed that Archie wouldn’t be a prince, unlike his cousins George and Louis.

Meghan Considered Suicide

Meghan admitted that she had suicidal thoughts as the pressures of royal life became intolerable. “I just didn’t want to be alive anymore,” she told Oprah. She said that she felt as though she was the victim of “character assassination” and she was driven to the point of potential self-harm.

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The Royal Family Rifts Are Real (Some of Them, Anyway)

Harry admitted that his relationship with Prince Charles has been damaged and he felt “really let down” by his father. He also confessed that he and brother Prince William are “on different paths,” while professing great love for him. But Meghan dropped the biggest bombshell when she felt she had to say that it was Kate Middleton who had made her cry during planning for her 2018 wedding in a spat over Princess Charlotte’s bridesmaid dress, instead of the other way around, as was reported by the tabloids But all was quickly forgiven, she said: “She apologized and bought me flowers.”

They Got Married in Secret Prior to the Big Wedding

Meghan revealed that she and Harry actually got married three days before their beautiful televised ceremony seen around the globe. The royal couple called the Archbishop of Canterbury who helped them tie the knot with no guests present. “No one knows that,” said Meghan, explaining that they wanted the moment of their nuptials to be private and not shared with the world. “Just the three of us,” added Harry.