‘The Bachelor’s The Women Tell All Episode: Toxic Closure (RECAP)

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The Bachelor


Season 25 • Episode 9

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It’s the highly anticipated The Women Tell All — and perhaps the last time host Chris Harrison will be part of The Bachelor franchise. While Chris kicks off the episode discussing the “wild and unprecedented” season featuring Bachelor Matt James, 15 of the women are back and somehow looking fiercer than ever.

Noticeably missing? Sarah Trott, who left after the first One-on-One to be with her ailing father. Yet there is plenty of drama to be had when Queen Victoria returns to reclaim her throne. Let’s dive in to this week’s insanity!

MJ & Jessenia Somewhat Squash the Beef

Jessenia doubles down that MJ was a bully within the house following Victoria’s exit. MJ however has a different recollection of events, and calls Jessenia’s accusations “a bit of a stretch.” The other women — including MJ’s roommate Mari — come to MJ’s defense and claim that she was always authentic on-camera.

The Bachelor, Women Tell All

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“I will say Jessenia, it’s hard when you single someone out,” MJ opens up. “I do have a strong personality and that should not be misconstrued as ‘mean.'”

Queen Victoria & Katie Get Called Out

The women ask Victoria to acknowledge calling them “slores” (a combination of sluts and whores), “hoes,” “disgusting,” and other derogatory labels. Specifically Ryan is still angry towards Victoria, who claims calling someone a bully on national television is akin to her mean-spirited quips.

“Life is a learning experience, as is this journey,” Victoria states. “Again, I’m so sorry.” While Ryan isn’t convinced, house ethics coordinator Katie accepts Victoria’s apology…but then calls the series backlash “karma” for the women.

This sweeping statement doesn’t sit well with fan favorite Chelsea. “Everyone doesn’t deserve the attacks that they received online,” Chelsea steps in. Katie claims that Chelsea is friends “with a lot of the girls who are part of the problem” so she must be “blind” to the house toxicity. Chelsea identifies Katie as really being the cause of the problem since she brought the drama between the women to Matt, as well as bullying Sarah prior to her departure.

“I just think [Katie] wanted to do it to start a fire,” Serena C. adds. Maybe the rumors of Katie being the next Bachelorette aren’t true if this is how polarizing she is!

Brittany & Anna: Rumors in the Windy City

Chris invites Brittany to discuss the defamatory rumors surrounding her profession. Fellow Chicagoan Anna apologized on the series for accusing Brittany of being a “high-end escort,” but now Chris wants to get to the bottom of the allegations.

Brittany calls the whole experience “disappointing” and reveals that she had a rough transition back into her normal life post-show. “There’s nothing wrong with that industry but it’s not me,” Brittany says. “I didn’t sign up to get bullied, I didn’t sign up to get my name slandered.” She also blames Anna for not reaching out sooner.


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Chris asks Anna to weigh in. “After watching the aftermath, I am a 100 times more sorry,” Anna admits. “I can’t imagine what it’s like to be [Brittany]. Everything I did was wrong.”

Brittany eventually accepts Anna’s apology but also takes the opportunity to offer a PSA on why sex workers deserve love too and shouldn’t be ashamed of their industry.

Katie Keeps It Real

After Chris tries to break the tension — and fill time — by showing an extended blooper reel segment, Katie talks about her memorable entrance into the house (anyone else remember the purple vibrator?).

Chris calls Katie “the gift that keeps on giving,” but it turns out Katie is still searching for her “forever kind of love.” She calls The Bachelor the hardest thing she’s ever done, and explains that she was stunned when Matt sent her home. “Matt was the first person I was able to be 110% myself with,” Katie admits. “I just have to remain hopeful my person is still out there.”

Abigail Leaves the Crowd in Awe

The winner of the coveted First Impression Rose sadly didn’t get much screen time with Matt. It seems that Abigail’s fellow contestants and viewers alike adore her, so Chris broke down what went wrong between her and Matt.

“I kind of came in saying I don’t believe in love at first sight. But I think that first night was the closest I’ve ever come to that feeling,” Abigail revealed. SO WHAT HAPPENED?! Abigail never got a One-on-One, and rightfully reflects on the “what if” of the whole experience. She also clarifies that she is not a member of the deaf community because she doesn’t use sign language, but assures that the supportive fan response of being on The Bachelor has blown her away.

“I met an incredible group of women and I learned a lot about myself. I think I’m just a much better version of myself and I’m excited to be able to share whoever wants to share that with me,” Abigail sums up. We wish her all the happiness!

Pieper Relives Being Blindsided

Pieper, who left just prior to the Hometown dates, landed in the #5 runner-up spot this season. Even Chris agrees that her exit was “shocking.” Pieper stands by the fact that she was fully in love with Matt. “I was 100% in,” she reflects.

Pieper, The Bachelor, Women Tell All

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However, she calls hindsight 20/20 and doesn’t feel like Matt was fully honest with her about being on the same page. “I think we were in completely different books at that point,” Pieper reveals. “Matt has this amazing ability to make anyone feel very special.” If we’re reading between the lines, it seems like Matt probably didn’t know what — or whom — he wanted.

Serena P. Has Some Regrets

Serena P. admits through tears that at one point she thought she’d end up engaged to Matt. Chris asks if Serena’s family is what changed her mind during Hometowns. “I think that at that point I really needed to reflect on where I was at and where that relationship was going,” Serena P. opens up. “Talking to my mom brought clarity. It was just not the clarity I was hoping to get that day.”

Serena realized that her gut was telling her Matt wasn’t the one. Yet she’s understandably still emotional about their relationship. “I care about him so much and the last thing I ever wanted to do was hurt him,” Serena describes her guilt. However she admits that if she stayed, she would be “doing a disservice” to Matt.

Matt Is Back

Finally, newly bearded Matt comes out to face the women. Immediately the bullying allegations are addressed, and Matt acknowledges that he never was on that side of the show and can’t speak to how he would have acted. He apologizes to MJ for not being able to move forward with their relationship, and even forgives Anna for her “lapse in judgment.”

Matt James, The Bachelor

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“I don’t think anybody here is a bad person,” he sums up, even mentioning that he “knows Victoria’s heart.” Victoria gasps that Matt’s words over her exit on-camera didn’t address her “levels of pain” but Matt assures her that he still respects who she is.

All the women thank Matt and sing his praises…but are equally shocked that Matt didn’t know that he should kiss with his eyes closed!

Satisfied? Not Really

Overall, we expected (and kind of wanted) some quotable Queen Victoria moments. And where was #bossbabe Kit’s hot seat moment?! Here’s hoping Bachelor in Paradise will bring back some of our favorites — and we’re still holding out for Bri Springs to be named the next Bachelorette!

Victoria, The Bachelor

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Lastly, Chris teases that the finale will “truly leave people talking and shocked.” Probably in more ways than he realized! Until next week, Bachelor fans.

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