‘The Bachelor’ 2021 Episode 8: It’s Hometown Date Week & One Woman Bows Out (RECAP)


The Bachelor


Season 25 • Episode 8

We’re officially down to our final four women, which means it’s time for “Hometown” Dates on this week’s episode of The Bachelor. Though Matt James won’t actually be visiting their hometowns (you know, because of COVID-19), he will be meeting the families of Serena P., Rachael, Michelle, and Bri. 

With so much to get to and so much to discuss, let’s jump right into this week’s juicy recap!

Michelle’s Hometown Date

Michelle is up first, and she is ready to introduce Matt to her family. But, before the parent introductions, Michelle takes Matt on a casual bike road and introduces him to all of her students (virtually, of course). Michelle’s students ask Matt questions — some of them tougher than others — and it’s clear Matt’s loving the date.

“It’s incredible to see the special relationship that Michelle has with her students. The more time I spend with Michelle I see everything I’m looking for,” Matt says. 

The Bachelor Episode 8 Matt James Michelle

Following their day of fun, Matt officially meets Michelle’s mother and father, Ephraim — who are both adorable, by the way.

Ephraim pulls Michelle aside for a little one-on-one convo and asks his daughter what she likes most about Matt. Michelle gushes about Matt’s heart, even revealing she’d say yes to a proposal if Matt asked.

Michelle then gets time with her mom, who asks if things are moving too fast. “If I didn’t feel like it wasn’t reciprocated I wouldn’t still be here,” Michelle explains. “Seeing my mom and dad felt so incredible. The fact they said ‘We are going to support you,’ that was such a good feeling.”

But, the night would not be complete without a “falling in love with you speech,” which Michelle gives at the end of the evening. This has to be one of the most seamless and positive Hometown Dates in the history of this show.

Rachael’s Hometown Date

Now we’re on to Rachael’s Hometown Date and she decides to go skydiving with Matt. Yes, skydiving. The good news is Matt’s totally on board and reveals he can’t wait to jump out of a plane. What could go wrong, right?

While the jump itself goes totally fine, Rachael does not land smoothly. In fact, she completely smacks the ground. “The idea of her being injured or banged up puts everything in perspective,” Matt shares.

Despite the hard fall, Rachael recovers well and is ready to introduce Matt to her family, which includes her mom, dad, and sister, Trinity.

Rachael gets alone time with her mom and reveals she’s falling in love with Matt. “I would never want you guys to come all the way up here just to meet this man if it wasn’t something serious, and if it wasn’t a person I could really see spending my life with and seeing a future with,” Rachael explains. 

Despite Rachael’s confidence, her father is definitely hesitant and expresses his reservations to Matt. However, Matt tells him how much he’s falling in love with Rachael. “I’ve never connected with someone on the level we’ve connected on,” Matt shares. 

While this Hometown Date doesn’t go quite as smoothly as Michelle’s, we still consider it a success nonetheless. Two down, two more to go!

Bri’s Hometown Date

The third Hometown Date goes to Bri, who shows up to meet Matt in a lime green Jeep. Bri decides to recreate their first date together and takes Matt off-roading. “Off-roading is something I used to partake in growing up. Hopefully, I don’t flip the jeep today,” Bri jokes. 

Afterwards, they sit down for a cute picnic and Bri explains she’s a little nervous to introduce Matt to her family. “It sounds like your mom and your friends are showing up for you and that’s why I’m nervous, because I know how important they are to you and I just want to make sure I’m the best version of myself for them,” Matt says.

The Bachelor Episode 8 Bri Matt James

During the evening portion of the date, Matt meets Bri’s mom, Lauren, and her best friend, who just so happens to also be named Bri. Oh, and they also spend time with Bri’s baby sister. We’re not crying, you’re crying!

Lauren pulls Matt aside in order to ask the tough questions. While Matt explains he and Bri connected over the fact they both grew up with single parents, he can’t yet admit he’s in love with Bri.

Bri also gets alone time with her mom and reveals her feelings for Matt. “I feel like this is the first time where someone is looking at me and seeing every single part of me. It just feels so soon,’ she says. “I do feel like I’m falling in love with him. I’m so, so scared.”

As to be expected, Bri tells Matt she’s falling in love with him right before they say goodbye.

Serena P.’s Hometown Date

Last, but certainly not least, is Serena P. For their date together, Serena creates a Canadian experience, complete with learning Canadian slang, poutine, and of course, hockey.

“He was able to learn a lot about me and I feel like it has furthered our relationship and deepened our connection,” Serena shares.

The Bachelor Episode 8 Matt James Serena P

Serena then brings Matt to meet her dad, mom Rasna, and sister, Talia. Rasna gets time with Matt and asks him why he’s so drawn to Serena. “She’s smart, beautiful, has her head on her shoulders, she challenges me, and she doesn’t take crap from anybody,” Matt explains.

Serena talks with Talia and asks for her first impression of Matt. “Matt is everything I’d want for you. To me, it just feels like there’s something missing. I would say you don’t seem smitten,” Talia shares.

It’s clear Serena is confused and questioning her connection to Matt. “I can’t verbalize it or write it down, but there’s something that’s causing me this deep doubt,” Serena tells her mom. Of all the Hometown Dates thus far, Serena’s is clearly the rockiest. Will she be the one to go home? Guess we’ll find out!

What’s Going on With Serena?

Following all the Hometown Dates, Matt meets up with Chris Harrison to break down his feelings. He explains he’s unsure about Serena P., despite the fact he’s always felt strongly about her. Chris suggests he spend more time with Serena in order to learn more about her doubts.

Following Chris’s suggestion, Matt meets Serena at the resort and shares his feelings. While Serena recognizes her strong connection with Matt, she ultimately believes he’s not her person and decides she wants to leave. Needless to say, Matt’s left completely speechless. 

“It sucks to hear that because I just want what’s best for you. If that’s not going to be me and I can’t make you happy and I can’t be all those things for you, that stinks,” Matt shares. Both Matt and Serena are emotional over the split, but it’s clear it’s what’s for the best.

Because Serena left, Matt hands out his three roses to Michelle, Bri, and Rachael. With just a few episodes left, who do we think is going to get Matt’s final rose? Let us know all your thoughts!

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