‘Wynonna Earp’ Star Tim Rozon Teases an Ending That Will Make Earpers Happy

Tim Rozon Doc Holliday Wynonna Earp Season 4 Episode 5
Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY

Earpers fought for Wynonna Earp and were rewarded with a fourth season. But that’s not the end of the good news, according to series star Tim Rozon, who plays Doc Holliday. (Yes, that Doc Holliday, the gunslinger from the O.K. Corral in the 1800s, thanks to a deal with a witch.)

The ending, he promises, will please even the most ardent fans.

“I love the ending of the show, if that is truly [it],” he teases, “especially for my character. I remember telling [creator] Emily [Andras], ‘Thank you. I thought you did an incredible job. You showed him so much love and compassion and growth.'”

The series — which premieres March 5 with the second half of its fourth season — ends its run on Syfy with this last batch of episodes.

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'Wynonna Earp's Tim Rozon Breaks Down Wynonna & Doc's Heartbreaking Conversation

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But they almost didn’t happen. And because Rozon knows how hard fans campaigned to bring the show back — it took two years for it to return after Season 3 ended — he cares about what they think, too, he says.

“I think everybody’s going to be very happy,” he says. “The Earpers deserve it the most. They’re the reason we got as far as we ever did.”

“It almost never happened, twice,” he says, for reasons including the production shutting down due to COVID. “I tried to enjoy every second I possibly could with that character. It’s difficult, now that it’s more real than ever that the show most likely isn’t coming back, to say goodbye. … It’s one of my most favorite characters I ever played. He just has a special place in my heart, the ol’ cowboy.”

Earpers, of course, hope that Wynonna Earp lives on, but the actor says he hasn’t hard anything of the sort yet. And he’d have to have some notice, he says, “because I’d have to grow the mustache.”

Wynonna Earp Doc Holliday Season 4 Episode 4

Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY

What we do know is that there are six more episodes with that mustache, plus couples Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) and Doc, and Waverly Earp (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) and Nicole Haught (Katherine Barrell), who have special places in our hearts.

The former couple’s relationship is quite messy and, based on the trailer, will continue to be so; last we saw them, he wasn’t too happy that the demon hunter shot Hoyt (Ty Olsson), a member of the Earp-hating Clantons, in the back.

“Doc is really done with the old life. He understands sometimes to move forward we gotta let the old ways die,” Rozon says. “Wynonna hasn’t yet, [even though] the curse [making it necessary for her to kill demon revenants] is gone. He just sees it as, ‘Why are you fighting it? Did you somehow come to love the fight?’ They can never be together if she doesn’t let go, too.”

At least WayHaught’s happy. Waverly and Nicole are engaged (officially, finally), and their love story is “just magic,” Rozon says. And while Wynonna and Doc’s may be “a little closer to real life,” he thinks that “true love like [Waverly and Nicole’s] does exist.”

We’ll have to wait and see if that culminates in a wedding in these final episodes.

Wynonna Earp, Final Episodes, Friday, March 5, 10/9c, Syfy