Tim Rozon on Spending ‘Christmas in Wolf Creek’ & Dream Movie With ‘Wynonna Earp’ Costars

Tim Rozon on 'Christmas in Wolf Creek'

If you can’t get enough of Tim Rozon in a cowboy hat, you’re in luck as the Wynonna Earp actor stars in Christmas in Wolf Creek. The holiday movie is the follow-up to Uptv’s Love in Wolf Creek, which premiered in October. This next chapter in the love story of Rozon’s Austin and Nola Martin’s Sam sees the couple reaching a crossroads in their relationship. 

Austin must ultimately decide between his dream girl and a hard-nosed rancher’s tempting job opportunity. Even with a professional ultimatum weighing over him, he tries to put his best foot forward to support Sam as she works hard to put on an annual Christmas play. Things get even more complicated when the two go on a search for the show’s runaway reindeer Cupid. Here Rozon checks in from the set of SurrealEstate season 2 to talk about the festive film if he thinks we’ve seen the last of Doc Holliday, and more. 

How did you feel about doing another Wolf Creek movie?

Tim Rozon: I was super excited we were doing a sequel because I had such a blast on the first one. I can’t stress enough how much fun I had working on Love in Wolf Creek. It was literally like an action movie. It was initially pitched really as this romantic comedy, but it really was an action movie. Christmas in Wolf Creek didn’t disappoint either for the action junky inside me. 

It isn’t your typical Christmas movie in that sense with more outdoorsy scenes where you’re in survival mode in the woods. There are of course more interactions with wolves, too.

Christmas time is so special because it brings people together. Christmas has this special ability. I think we see that in this movie. Love in Wolf Creek ends with Sam and Austin in the honeymoon stage of falling love. Now we see them a little later when they realize they are struggling in some of what each other needs and wants out of the relationship. It’s through the miracle of Christmas they find love for each other and get back together and realize what is important in their life. I know it’s cliche, but it works in real life. I love Christmas. 

Do you see a third Wolf Creek movie?

I do a 100 percent, and I’m on board. This cast and crew were special. I’ve been doing this a long time, and believe it when I say it. You could see the passion from every department. These movies were really fun. It’s not every Christmas movie where you get to ride around in ATVs on the snow-covered hills chasing down a wolf or reindeer. I’ll do as many of these movies as possible. 

You and a few of your Wynonna Earp co-stars are no strangers to TV Christmas movies. Dream cast a yuletide movie with you, Melanie [Scrofano], Dominique [Provost-Chalkley], and Kat [Barrell]?

Those are some of my favorite people in the world. I’d love to do another story with Mel where we have some sort of romantic storyline because we do have chemistry. I do love the action aspect mixed with Christmas. Let’s do another action-packed Christmas movie with the four of us that need to rescue the Creek from some sort of impending danger. Sounds good. 

Tim Rozon - Doc Holliday - Wynonna Earp - Season 4 Episode 11

Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY

Fans are still clamoring for more Wynonna Earp. Have you heard anything more about the show?

I don’t know what is going on. I’m actually working on SurrealEstate with Melanie directing and I’m starring. I’m with Mel right now, which is super cool. I hadn’t heard anything about Wynonna Earp. Every time I see our showrunner, Emily Andras, she knows I’m in. I would play Doc Holliday again in a second. Part of me thinks a movie is definitely possible. I don’t know if season 5 of Wynonna Earp is going to happen. But I definitely want to do it if it’s an option. I think a movie is something people can hope for though. I can actually see that happening. 

How do you feel the show ended for Doc?

I thought it ended beautifully. I don’t look at it as one final season. I look at my character arc rather over the entire four seasons. I credit  Emily because I wasn’t only able to look back at that final episode or season but all four seasons because of what she did with that character and what I was able to do and feel. What a gift of a character. I was super lucky. I thought the ending was great. More than that, I’m happy the fans got an ending. I know they want more, but i think we did get a happy ending to a story fans loved so much. It really would have bothered me had they not done an ending at all. I am happy we did get an ending. But it doesn’t mean it has to be over. 

You mentioned filming SurrealEstate. Here is a show that was canceled and uncanceled. How is it getting to continue to play Luke Roman?

It’s the best. I’ve been humbled many times. I didn’t need it to get canceled and uncanceled to feel the gratitude to get this part. I was already super happy to have it. When I got the call we were back, there was no better feeling in the world. I love this show I think it’s one of the best shows on TV right now. It’s like we’re filming a movie with each episode, and there are 10 episodes with each a different storyline. Plus, I get to work with Sarah Levy each week from Schitt’s Creek. Melanie directing SurrealEstate, too. There may or may not be others that people may recognize as guest-starring in season 2.  I’m super happy.

Tim Rozon in 'Surreal Estate'

Derm Carberry/Blue Ice Pictures/SYFY

Is there anything you can tease about Season 2?

You got to expect the unexpected. We’re filming in record time. We’re shooting two units every day trying to get this done in the time before the holidays. The workload is intense, and I love it. I’m not afraid of hard work. With Schitt’s Creek and on Wynonna Earp, those characters didn’t talk much. They were brooding where Luke Roman has a lot of dialogue, so I always have work to do on SurrealEstate. It’s probably my favorite character I get to play after season 2. Season 2 confirms what a gift I get to play this character. I’m super grateful.

Even before 2022 ends, we’re getting to see you again in the sequel to Terror Train. Fans didn’t have to wait long for that one.

Terror Train was one of those fun movies I got to do where I’d seen the original. I think I was the only one on set who actually knew what that movie was. I knew David Copperfield played the part of The Magician, so it was really important for me to learn the magic. I trained with a magician. Knowing that character comes back for a second movie made me happy. I won’t give too much away but The Magician is there. The first one took its own turn based on the original. This one goes back to the roots of the original.. People will enjoy it a lot. There are a lot of fun Easter eggs and crazy carnage.

Lastly, do you have any fun Christmas traditions to share?

I love Christmas. It’s about giving and giving back. I do love simple stuff like getting an advent calendar every year. I love putting up the tree and decorations. I have a three-year-old son who is reaching an age that makes it even more magical. love all the Christmas traditions. The movies I like watching are It’s a Wonderful Life and Home Alone. We are honored we are airing my movie on Christmas day. That’s my new tradition. Watch Christmas in Wolf Creek this Christmas and every Christmas after. 

Christmas in Wolf Creek premiere, December 25, 7/6c, UPtv