‘Married at First Sight’ Asks the Eternal Question: How Do You Know If It’s Love? (RECAP)

MAFS Season 12 Paige
Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight, Season 12, Episode 7, “How Do You Know If You’re in Love?”]

The honeymoon is over (for some in more ways than one) as the Married at First Sight Season 12 couples return home to Atlanta in the February 24 episode, “How Do You Know If You’re in Love?”

Like many post-honeymooners, the tension and drama between the spouses are reaching some interesting highs. Below, we break down all of the key moments from the episode, so beware of spoilers ahead.

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The biggest explosion might be the one between Chris and Erik.

Moving In

Married at First Sight Season 12 Clara Ryan

(Credit: Lifetime)

The couples move into their first shared apartments and while some are excited, others are still reeling from things they learned in the previous episode. The ones feeling good: Virginia and Erik, Clara and Ryan, and Vincent and Briana. But things aren’t so great for Jacob and Haley, nor Paige and Chris.

Jacob, who last caught Haley hanging out with the other couples behind his back, is having a big trust issue. He accuses her of even communicating with another guy. As for Paige and Chris, she moves into their apartment alone because he goes straight to Chicago after the fiasco of a honeymoon.

Packing Up

MAFS Season 12 Jacob

(Credit: Lifetime)

The next day, the couples visit each other’s semi-former pads to pick up belongings. Erik notices how homey Virginia’s place is, but is a little taken aback by the dogs and an unseen cat, noting he’s allergic to the latter. Unfazed, she says allergy medicines work miracles. Virginia is struck by how sparse Erik’s place and just how much like a bachelor pad.

Jacob apologizes for losing his cool with Haley and shows up to see her at her very tidy apartment and meets her dog. Meanwhile, Jacob’s house is like an ode to the ’80s and Haley’s not a fan, especially of the neon lights. His three rambunctious pups are also an issue, especially as one of his corgis almost bites her own dog.

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Clara’s apartment has a shrine for her beloved late dog, and Ryan’s neat space is at first impressive until Clara realizes just how much clutter is hidden in cabinets. Still, things go pretty well. At Briana’s apartment, Vincent is overwhelmed by the amount of shoes in her closet and suggests she donate some, but that’s a big no. And Briana is excited to see that Vincent’s space is neat and clean.

Meeting With Pastor Cal

MAFS Season 12 Virginia Erik

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The first couple to receive a house visit from expert Pastor Cal are Vincent and Briana, who kind of ace things. The only snag is Vincent worries about saying the wrong thing at the wrong time but Pastor Cal insists that honest is the best policy in any relationship.

Virginia and Erik are in a happy place as well when Pastor Cal visits, but they do admit to the age difference — she’s 26 and he’s 34 — creating a big of a disconnect between them. When the topic of guy friends comes up, Pastor Cal sides with Erik, saying that it isn’t normal for Virginia to sleep over at guy friends’ houses like she did when she was single.

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Haley and Jacob hash things out with Pastor Cal and things seem to end on a more positive note (it helps them to hear that bumps in the road are normal). When Haley says the Jacob’s obsession with the ’80s is a concern, Pastor Cal says change isn’t always a bad thing, suggesting the new husband make an effort to meet his wife halfway.

Clara and Ryan’s meeting goes relatively well also, and the pair wonders if it’s normal that they haven’t really fought yet. Pastor Cal assures them that it’ll happen. And he’s surprised to learn that the close couple have yet to consummate their relationship.

Drama, Drama & More Drama

MAFS Season 12 Vincent

(Credit: Lifetime)

The day before Paige’s meeting with Pastor Cal, Chris shows up to talk with her about his trip in Chicago. He makes her turn off the mics and speak off-camera. Paige then reports to the producers that Chris told her he plans to divorce and get back together with his ex, who he met with in Chicago.

Beside herself, Paige agrees to see Pastor Cal. She airs Chris’ dirty laundry, telling the pastor the whole truth about their honeymoon and twisted relationship. He’s appalled by what he hears, which doesn’t make things better when Chris shows up. Ultimately, the pair decide a divorce is best even if Paige feels like Chris from the start didn’t try to make it work.

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But in a sick move, Chris tells Paige before he leaves that he’s starting to fall in love with her, which takes mind games to a new extreme. And as that drama unfolds, the blissful mood between Briana and Vincent sours when he snaps over her banter, construing it for being disrespectful. Shocked by the sudden turn in tone, Briana just watches as Vincent rushes to leave the apartment. Can some of these wrongs be fixed?

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