‘Married at First Sight’: Shocking Revelations Rock Chris’ World Plus More Drama in ‘Face to Face’ (RECAP)

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Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight, Season 12, Episode 8, “Face to Face.”]

Married at First Sight continues its Season 12 journey with the couples facing lots of uncharted territory.

From welcoming friends over to your new apartment or, hey, why not, meeting your husband’s pregnant ex, the latest episode “Face to Face” has it all. Below, we break it all down, so beware of spoilers ahead.

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Plus, Chris is not done playing mind games with a reeling Paige, and Pastor Cal makes his visits.


MAFS Season 12 Briana Vincent

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With the couples fully past the honeymoon phase, it’s day-to-day life for all involved. Vincent and Briana discuss the argument they had in the previous episode, when he accidentally spilled a bottle of champagne, felt her response was disrespectful (we just found it perplexing that he shut her down for joking about it), and drove away. But it turns out he’d immediately turned around to talk. They agree to communicate more carefully.

The scene shifts to Erik and Ryan, who are walking theirs dogs. It turns out Virginia’s out of town for a friend’s wedding and Erik worries aloud that she’s getting bored with him.

Stubborn Ways

MAFS Season 12 Chris

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Chris regroups with his pastor and a friend to talk through his Married at First Sight process so far. When he fills them in on his pregnant ex, lack of attraction to Paige, and plans to divorce, they try to convince him to give the marriage a real. shot. But it seems he’s made up his mind.

Friends in Need

MAFS Season 12 Haley

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In an effort to get some fresh perspective on their marriages, some participants meet with friends to talk. Haley tells her friend about shutting down after the wedding and feeling overwhelmed. Erik meets with a pal who listens as he explains that Virginia likes to party and he worries about her staying in touch. Vincent’s meeting with a friend has some enlightening results when he’s told that just because Briana’s reactions to certain situations aren’t the same as his, it doesn’t mean she’s being disrespectful. What a concept, right?

Gender Divide

MAFS Season 12 Haley Briana Clara

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Clara, Haley, and Briana meet up for lunch as Vincent, Erik, Ryan, and Jacob convene for catch-up session of their own. While Clara invites the girls to her upcoming housewarming party, she also reveals that she and Ryan have had their first fight after he refused to take a Jell-O shot at her friend’s party. She adds, clearly frustrated, that they haven’t been intimate yet. Briana and Haley for their parts are struggling with the idea of growing in love with a stranger.

As for the men, Ryan’s issues with trust come up, and he compares himself to Clara’s practice of trusting everyone until they give her a reason not to. Jacob stresses that he and Haley are moving in the right direction, but worries their connection will form too late in the process.

In the meantime, Chris and Paige, who didn’t attend the group gatherings, chat over the phone and he invites her to meet with him and his pregnant ex to clear the air. Paige says she has to think about it first.

The (Mostly Good) Times Roll

MAFS Season 12 Virginia

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Haley and Jacob throw a party, and her friends tell Jacob about her phobia of commitment but reassure him that she’ll warm up to things. Meanwhile, Jacob’s friends tell Haley that he’ll miss cues from time to time so it’s good to go slow with him. When the couple are alone they foster their growing bond by talking about their pasts and shared interest in boating.

At Erik and Virginia’s apartment, her guy friends join in on the celebration and essentially put his mind at ease about her having guy friends to begin with. One of Virginia’s buddies tell Erik it’s best to not try and control her, but that she’s all-in on the marriage.

Clara, at her and Ryan’s party, continues to be frustrated by Ryan’s slow pace, which surfaces during a conversation in which she makes side remarks about how she’s never seen him shirtless.

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Briana and Vincent, meanwhile, have their moms and siblings over for a family game night. Bri’s hosting gets the seal of approval from Vincent’s mom as they enjoy a happy night in together.

Chris Introduces Paige to Mercedes

MAFS Season 12 Paige

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Paige eventually agrees to meet with Chris and his ex-fiance Mercedes. She decides it’s an opportunity for her to take power back after dealing with Chris and his issues. The meeting is surprisingly civil as Paige and Mercedes chat, but Chris looks as though he’d like to sink into the floor. It’s clear that Paige’s comments about the situation are targeted at Chris as she repeatedly says her own intentions were always pure. He tries to defend himself, but it’s to no avail as Paige continues her metaphorical one on one with Mercedes.

Plus, we get not one, but two shocking revelations. Paige says she feared she could be pregnant after sleeping with Chris unprotected, and Mercedes reveals she has no plans to get back together with Chris despite her pregnancy.

The conversation is clearly not going Chris’s way, and he gets up and leaves. But the women part with a hug. We can’t wait for the next episode — things are getting juicy.

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