Tensions Rise During Kangaroo Breeding Season in ‘A Wild Year on Earth’ Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

Love and fighting are in the air for next week’s episode of A Wild Year on Earth as kangaroo breeding season begins.

In Episode 5, much of the action will take place on the grassy plains of East Australia amid the arrival of spring, and we have your exclusive first look. In a sneak peek clip, above, the males are fighting for dominance, but who will reign supreme?

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It's breeding season and the stallions are battling for dominance across the landscape.

Narrator Laura Carmichael (Downton Abbey) notes the boss of the kangaroo mob “flexes his muscles” in a show of strength when a subordinate male attempts to make moves on the females. What’s a man to do?

It would seem their primary means of communication is through punches as the boss and subordinate duke it out in front of the ladies. Using their strong tails as extra support, the marsupials stand tall as they throw hands.

A Wild Year on Earth

(Credit: Northern Pictures/BBCA)

What will happen when the fight finishes? Check out the clip above, and don’t miss the episode next week on BBC America.

A Wild Year on Earth, Saturdays, 8/7c, BBC America