A Hungry Wolf Pack Tracks Elk in ‘A Wild Year On Earth’ Finale Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

BBC America’s limited nature docuseries A Wild Year on Earth is bringing things “Full Circle” in the finale (which is, coincidentally, also the title of the episode).

In an exclusive sneak peek clip from the February 27 installment, a hungry wolf pack closes in on elk as the predators thrive in the winter landscape. Will they be able to take down the prey they stalk? Or can the elks evade the beasts using age-old tactics?

“The wolves can smell elk up to two miles away before they see them,” explains the narrator, Laura Carmichael (Downton Abbey). “Winter’s larder is scant for the elk. They are weak, vulnerable.”

Prowling the snow-covered grounds, the wolves make calculated moves as they close in on the antlered mammals. But sometimes brains win out over strength, especially when nature is involved. Who will come out on top in this situation? Check out the sneak peek clip above to find out.

A Wild Year on Earth wolves

(Credit: Eva Blue/BBCA)

A Wild Year on Earth is a part of BBC America’s Wonderstruck programming block, which takes over the network every Saturday with exciting nature and planet-exploring docuseries. And don’t miss out on plenty of other wildlife in A Wild Year on Earth‘s finale episode, which also showcases elegant Monarch butterflies, nesting birds, and coral spawning on the Great Barrier Reef.

A Wild Year on Earth, Season Finale, Saturday, 8/7c, BBC America