‘Bob ♥ Abishola’ May Be Heading for a Divorce & 2 Weddings

Dayo Ade Folake Olowofoyeku Bob Hearts Abishola Tayo
Michael Yarish/2020 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

There’s nothing funny about another man who ♥ Abishola. The nurse and Nigerian immigrant (Folake Olowofoyeku) — engaged to kindly American businessman Bob (Billy Gardell) — faces a very unsitcom-like situation when her long-estranged husband, Tayo (Dayo Ade, above, with Olowofoyeku), shows up in Detroit.

According to the actress, the emotional two-part story “almost starts to go toward a drama, in a way.”

Even though Tayo had left his wife and son, Dele (Travis Wolfe Jr.), years earlier, when he learns about the engagement, “he’s demanding what he thinks is his,” she says. “He is a strong African man, and you can see why that might be complementary to Abishola’s personality.” Will Abishola, who can be stuck in her ways, take a leap and ask Tayo for a divorce? 

Possible setback aside, Olowofoyeku hopes viewers eventually get to see both a “white wedding” and a “traditional wedding” for the cross-cultural couple. “It would be great to shoot in Nigeria!”

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