Never-Before-Seen Content From ‘The Office’ to Stream on Peacock

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Good news, fans of the The Office. Peacock has announced that previously unaired footage will be shown by Peacock — where it’s streaming exclusively — along with all 201 episodes.

In a memo to the press, Dunder Mifflin’s CEO David Wallace (Andy Buckley) — Peacock has a sense of humor — notes that “we expect a significant spike in sales starting on January 1, 2021, when Peacock starts streaming the documentary footage that was shot at Dunder Mifflin Scranton between 2005 and 2013. This includes all previously released episodes and brand new, never-before-seen content.”

So, what exactly is in store for viewers? All episodes of the comedy from creator Greg Daniels will be available to view along with superfan episodes. These specially cut extended installments beginning with Season 3 (more will be available in March) include never-before-seen footage and deleted scenes.

In anticipation of these special episodes, Peacock is giving viewers a first look at the bonus content they can see while streaming with a superfan clip from Season 3. In the segment, Scranton’s branch head Michael Scott (Steve Carell) explains how the company is keeping things green, below.

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(Credit: NBCUniversal/Peacock)

Spanish audio and closed caption options will be available on regular episodes and superfan installments beginning in February. Other special features include bloopers, featurettes, interviews, and more behind-the-scenes footage as well as curated episode collections and clip playlists.

A 24/7 channel known as The Office Zen will give viewers looking for ambient noise a chance to relax with sights and sounds from the show and new Giphy and TikTok channels will give fans a chance to share more Office content.

“Having The Office back in the NBC family opens up access to a lot of extra content that we originally shot. The team at Peacock wanted to create the ultimate destination for fans, so I went back into the dailies with the original editors of the show and found some never-before-seen footage that was cut for time but is still fun to see,” said Greg Daniels in a statement released by Peacock.

“You can choose to watch the classic version of the show, or the superfan extended cuts with this new footage and other deleted scenes that we are gradually rolling out, starting with season 3. The experience on Peacock should feel like a celebration of The Office for fans.”

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(Credit: NBCUniversal/Peacock)

Peacock is making Seasons 1 and 2 available for free to viewers but Seasons 3-9 along with all of the additional bonus content and superfan episodes mentioned above will only be streamable with Peacock Premium. The service costs $4.99/month with commercials, fans who wish to circumvent the interruptions can opt for Peacock Premium Plus which is slightly more expensive at $9.99/month.

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