‘The Office’ Turns 15 — Looking Back at 15 Memorable Moments (PHOTOS)

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The Office
The office

Jim Puts Dwight’s Stapler in Jell-O (“Pilot” Season 1, Episode 1)

Jim’s (John Krasinski) pranks against Dwight (Rainn Wilson) are one of the reasons that make the comedy worth watching. Kicking things off in the pilot, Jim puts Dwight’s stapler in a jello mold.

The Office Michael Scott

Prison Mike Arrives (“The Convict” Season 3, Episode 9)

When the Dunder Mifflin crew welcomes a new face who happens to be a former convict, Michael (Steve Carell) pulls out his offensive ex-con character, Prison Mike. During the presentation to his coworkers, Michael recalls one of the worst aspects of prison — the dementors (a la Harry Potter).

The Office Dundies

The Dundies (“The Dundies” Season 2, Episode 1)

Dunder Mifflin’s makeshift awards ceremony hosted by Michael Scott at the local Chili’s has Pam (Jenna Fischer) feeling god when she wins the Dundie for whitest sneakers. Watching the calamity of a ceremony unfold is utter comedic gold.

The Office Stanley

Scott’s Tots (“Scott’s Totts” Season 6, Episode 12)

Perhaps one of the show’s most cringeworthy episodes, no one can forget the moment where Michael has to face a group of high school seniors he’d promised to put through college back when they were kids. Stanley (Leslie David Baker) certainly gets a laugh out of it though.

The Office Michael Jan

Michael & Jan’s Dinner Party (“Dinner Party” Season 4, Episode 9)

Another cringey moment is Michael and Jan’s (Melora Hardin) dinner party with other couples from the office. The get-together exposes the underlying tensions in their relationship, from Jan playing her assistant’s sensual song about her to Michael sharing his vasectomy woes. It’s an episode filled with too many TMI moments to count.

The Office Kevin Chili

Kevin’s Famous Chili (“Casual Friday” Season 5, Episode 26)

Quick and physically comedic, this moment may not last long but Kevin’s (Brain Baumgartner) pride in his homemade chili is nearly as endearing as it is funny to watch him spill it on the office floor. Proceeding to scoop the remnants with nearby scraps of paper, his feeble attempts to save the pot only make way for further laughs.

The Office Dwight

Dwight’s Fire Drill (“Stress Relief: Part 1” Season 5, Episode 14)

Remembered as the scene where Stanley has a heart attack, this is the episode where Dwight’s pretend incendiary event causes complete chaos in a matter of minutes. The scene spurred many memes, including Michael’s infamous “stay f***ing calm” as he runs to a nearby door, and for that we’re grateful.

The Office Pretzel Day

Pretzel Day (“Initiation” Season 3, Episode 5)

Only true fans will remember Pretzel Day, a day in which the office building’s owners hand out free pretzels in the lobby. Viewers are shown that there’s no messing around when it comes time to stand in line as Michael and Stanley team up to let Phyllis (Phyllis Smith) know it’s not okay to cut even if her husband, Bob Vance (Robert R. Shafer) of Vance Refrigeration is holding her spot.

The Office Jim Pam Wedding

Jim & Pam Tie the Knot (“Niagra: Part 2” Season 6, Episode 5)

After years of anticipation, fans saw Jim and Pam tie the knot in two separate ceremonies — one aboard the Maid of the Mist at Niagara Falls and another in the pre-planned church ceremony, which is hijacked by the wedding party and turned into its own version of the viral wedding dance video.

The Office Michael Scott

Michael Tries to Survive in the Wild (“Survivor Man” Season 4, Episode 7)

When Michael learns that Ryan (B.J. Novak) took some fellow coworkers — including Toby (Paul Lieberstein) — on an outdoor retreat, he decides to try the wilderness thing for himself. Taking to the woods Man vs. Wild style, Dwight is forced to intercede when certain missteps Michael takes could cause irreparable damage.

The Office Meredith

Michael Runs Over Meredith (“Fun Run” Season 4, Episode 1)

Definitely one of the show’s most memorable scenes, Michael accidentally hits Meredith (Kate Flannery) with his car in the office parking lot, and is forced to face his colleagues and reveal what he’s done. The resulting hospital visit that includes Michael and most of the Dunder Mifflin workers is priceless.

The Office Dwight

Dwight Impersonates an Officer (“Delivery: Part 1” Season 6, Episode 17)

When Pam goes into labor, Dwight leads the way, trying to clear traffic as Michael drives her and Jim in a separate car. Cars aren’t moving fast enough, so he pulls a light out from under his seat and places it on his car roof, tossing weapons out the window when a police car pulls him over. The entire scenario is both unbelievable and totally understandable for Dwight’s character.

The Office Michael Scarn

Michael Scarn (“Threat Level Midnight” Season 7, Episode 17)

In the iconic episode known as “Threat Level Midnight,” we’re introduced to Michael’s passion project — a film starring himself as hero Michael Scarn. Essentially an amalgamation of various action tropes, the homemade movie features the office’s cast of characters through Michael’s eyes, including an exploding Toby.

The Office Schrute Farms

Jim & Pam Visit Schrute Farms (“Money” Season 4, Episode 4)

Earlier on in Jim and Pam’s dating life, they spend a night at Dwight’s beet farm where his cousin Mose (Michael Schur) creepily runs around while they partake in pastoral activities. It’s in this episode that we finally come to understand Dwight better, and who could forget the option of an irrigation-themed bedroom?

The Office Pam

Pam Walks on Hot Coals (“Beach Games” Season 3, Episode 22)

Less funny and more uplifting, Pam walks across hot coals Michael sets out during the Beach Games, and the action gives her a boost of courage. She takes the opportunity to be honest with her coworkers about Michael’s poor treatment of her and her frustration that no one came to her art show. She also calls out Jim for acting weird towards her after returning from Stamford. You go, girl!

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Fifteen years ago, on March 24, 2005, fans were introduced to one of TV’s most beloved comedies — NBC’s enduring half-hour series The Office.

Even nearly 10 years after it concluded, viewers still can’t get enough of the workplace hilarity pouring out of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company’s Scranton, Pennsylvania branch. From Michael Scott’s (Steve Carell) many quirks to Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) and Pam Beesly’s (Jenna Fischer) love story, there are more than enough moments to reminisce about on this special day.

And while now would be the perfect time for a rewatch, if you’re not ready for that, we’ve got you covered with some of The Office‘s most memorable moments in the gallery above. Don’t miss this chance to walk down memory lane by reliving the laughs essential to the series.

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