‘The Flash’: Deleted Scene from Season 2 Opener Explains Barry’s Finale Move

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Grant Gustin

We shoulda—or at least coulda—seen it coming! At the end of The Flash‘s second-season finale, Barry (Grant Gustin) secretly raced back in time to save his mother from the Reverse-Flash and bring his family back to life. Big impulsive move, for sure, but even with the recent death of his dad (John Wesley Shipp), this was not exactly indicative of the level-headed, selfless Barry we know.

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Turns out, the Scarlet Speedster had been harboring the desire to heroically alter his past (and upend the show’s current timeline) as far back as the season’s first episode, “The Man Who Saved Central City.” In this exclusive deleted scene from The Flash: The Complete Second Season DVD/Blu-ray release, our hero confesses as much to his then still-incarcerated father Henry, who warns him against the lure of rewriting history.

Calling his kid “smart enough not to go back and mess with the natural order of things,” Henry also talks Barry out of a plan to break him out of Iron Heights:

Of course, he was exonerated and released by the end of the episode, but one wonders if Papa Allen would have been so against Barry doing a little rewind on their past if he realized that Zoom (Teddy Sears) was going to off him by episode 222.

The Flash: The Complete Second Season DVD/Blu-ray set is available on Tuesday, Sept 6.