‘The Conners’ New Episode: Someone Has a Major Crush on Jackie. Who Could It Be? (VIDEO)

Jackie Harris (Laurie Metcalf) has never been lucky in love, whether we’re talking iconic comedy Roseanne or its current spin-off, The Conners. Whether it was with Wellman Plastics co-worker Booker (a pre-ER and Batman George Clooney) or ex-husband Fred (Michael O’Keefe) or, more recently, the mooching Peter (Matthew Broderick), Jackie might just be better off single.

But Cupid has other plans for Jackie when someone takes an instant shine to her in The Conners…and it’s someone close to Louise (Katey Sagal), the current girlfriend of Conner patriarch Dan (John Goodman). In Episode 4 of Season 3, we learn that Louise has a brother, Neville (Friends from College’s Nat Faxon), and when he meets Jackie in this exclusive clip courtesy of ABC, he’s smitten instantly. And, as he reminds Jackie (with a not-so-pleased Louise looking on), he remembers her very well from earlier years in Lanford. Could this be the start of something positive for Jackie?

Check out the exclusive clip below and see if you think there’s a major spark for Jackie and Neville — or whether Cupid better just move on to someone else.

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