‘Married at First Sight’: 11 Buzzy Moments From ‘Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby’ (RECAP)

MAFS Season 11 Karen Miles
Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight, Season 11, Episode 11, “Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby.”]

The couples of Married at First Sight‘s 11th season are three weeks into their unions, so it’s time for some serious conversations in this week’s episode, “Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby.”

As teased in the title, the five pairs at the center of the show explored ways to deepen their physical connections and intimacy. While this was easier said than done for some of the spouses, it was a relatively productive episode. But could dealbreakers shatter the progress?

Below, we’re breaking down all of the details and key moments of the night but beware of spoilers ahead.

Karen & Miles Build Trust

Married at First Sight Season 11 Karen Miles

(Credit: Lifetime)

Karen and Miles discuss how they can build trust in their growing relationship and for her that means time. Karen needs to take it slow, but it’s a little easier for Miles to build that trust. His only line not to cross? Don’t give away his lobster mac and cheese.

Dr. Viviana Visits Brett & Olivia

Married at First Sight Season 11 Olivia Brett

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Dr. Viviana Coles makes house visits in this episode and Brett and Olivia are first up on the list as their cats pounce on the relationship therapist. The three discuss the challenges the couple is facing, which includes a difference of opinion on both a living space and children. Olivia complains that Brett’s house is holding them back from looking for a joint space, but he makes sarcastic comments about how owning a home makes him “irresponsible.” It’s clear that his behavior annoys Olivia and before leaving, Viviana delves into their physical relationship.

Olivia admits they haven’t gone far in that respect because she wants there to be more feeling and Brett notes that she isn’t a fan of PDA, which stunts their connection at times. Brett does tell Dr. Viviana that he enjoys earning his wife’s smiles and it seems like the comment pleases her.

Bennett Meets the Family

Married at First Sight Season 11 Bennett Amelia

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Amelia introduces Bennett to her aunt over FaceTime as the pair discusses her impending residency. And while things seem blissful, Bennett’s approach of waiting to deal with an obstacle until it arrives could be detrimental. Only time will tell!

Dr. Viviana Meets With Karen & Miles

MAFS Season 11 Karen Miles

(Credit: Lifetime)

Karen and Miles are the next pair on Dr. Viviana’s list as she stops by to learn more about their relationship. Karen says once again that she needs time to create a bond with Miles, but he feels pretty connected already. Karen admits that getting close to others is a struggle for her and she’s willing to work on it for her marriage. They discuss how open Miles is about his feelings and how that isn’t something she’s used to.

Karen also doesn’t feel comfortable when the topic of sex is raised and she admits that being open about the subject on camera isn’t something she wants to do. She does tell Miles and Viviana that all of her actions are intentional. While she may be avoiding physical contact, it’s partly because she doesn’t want to allow things to get too far, only for her to end up changing her mind. In response, Dr. Viviana suggests that the couple take sex off the table and just enjoy other physical components of the relationship, like kissing and snuggling. It seems to please the two and the chat ends positively.

Amani & Woody’s Silly Games

MAFS Season 11 Amani Woody

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Amani and Woody don’t need to worry about physical intimacy, so they instead play a game involving questions about everything from sex positions to their favorite parts of each other. Amani tells Woody she loves when he does little things for her like add extra ingredients to her breakfast. They also discuss some more serious topics like a time in Woody’s life where he’s given up. He admits that he gave up on a relationship with his father after years of trying and Amani appreciates Woody’s honesty in that moment.

Karen & Miles Work on Their Fitness

MAFS Season 11 Miles Karen

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Karen and Miles take time to have fun during a fitness class, during which they revisit a bet made during their honeymoon about who would win in a race. They then participate in some intense activities that prove difficult for Miles and his large stature.

Dr. Viviana Visits Christina & Henry

MAFS Season 11 Christina Henry

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Christina and Henry are next on Dr. Viviana’s call list and they both are fairly honest with the expert about what little progress they’re making. Henry admits his shyness causes him to fold in on himself, but that he’s working to improve that. Meanwhile, Christina admits she understands why she was matched with Henry but the progress is a bit slow for her. Dr. Viviana suggests that Henry make some moves, however small, to show Christina he’s interested in improving their intimacy.

The Couples Get Real

MAFS Season 11 Bennett Amelia

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Amelia and Bennett are tasked an exercise that includes providing affirmations to each other while hugging. Their blissful state continues to thrive in the quirky setup and it’s clear this couple is on a good path going forward.

Amani and Woody prepare for bed and overhear a dog barking from another apartment, sparking a silly debate about whether or not they should get one of their own. Amani thinks they should but Woody said he’ll only get a dog if they also have a kid — it’s a package deal in his eyes. We’re willing to bet that Amani’s power of persuasion can change Woody’s mind.

Olivia & Brett Have a Follow-Up

MAFS Season 11 Brett Olivia

(Credit: Lifetime)

Olivia and Brett go out for drinks and attempt to discuss their visit with Dr. Viviana, but it doesn’t go well when she calls out his behavior during the home session. She worries that he’s sarcastic in times when she needs reassurance. This leads to Brett saying that he thinks Olivia is too insecure.

Hitting a Nerve

MAFS Season 11 Christina Henry

(Credit: Lifetime)

Karen and Miles try asking some suggested questions provided by Dr. Viviana, which leads to them discussing pet names. This is when they stumble upon Miles’ biggest insecurity: his age. He tells Karen that it bothers him when people bring up his age insinuating that he’s not mature. She does admit that she’s moving past her initial reaction to his younger age and is happy he opened up about something that bothers him.

Christina and Henry also try an exercise prescribed to them, but the outcome isn’t exactly what they’d hoped for. Henry’s memories of being an overweight child still haunt him, but Christina feels like he needs to move past it. Meanwhile, Christina reveals her dealbreaker is a lack of confidence, which Henry feels like is a personal attack on him.

Drinks Gone Awry

MAFS Season 11 Amani Woody

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Olivia and Brett attend a cocktail lab where they learn how to make a drink and while she’s having fun, Brett doesn’t seem super enthused. When they go to have a chat, he claims that their beef has been squashed but Olivia doesn’t accept that and tells Brett that she wants a meeting with Pastor Cal.

Meanwhile, Bennett and Henry meet up for drinks and they chat about their concerns over Amelia’s residency and Christina’s confidence dealbreaker. The chat is constructive for the men, and it leads Henry to confront Christina at home. She essentially tells Henry that she believes he’s hiding the real reasons for his lack of confidence and wants him to open up, but it doesn’t seem like that will change any time soon.

While they don’t have drinks, Amani and Woody enjoy another exercise that includes back massages, kisses, and more. At least the episode ends on a positive note, right? See how the drama unfolds as Married at First Sight continues next week on Lifetime.

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