‘Married at First Sight’: 3 Key Moments From ‘The Honeymoon Is Over’ (RECAP)

MAFS Season 11
Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight, Season 11, Episode 7, “The Honeymoon Is Over.”]

The honeymoon officially came to an end in this week’s installment of Married at First Sight as the Season 11 couples returned from Mexico to their New Orleans-based lives.

As with any honeymoon phase, reality begins to sink in the moment paradise is off the table, and this was the case for some couples who began to grapple with the gravity of their situations. Needless to say, the episode aptly titled “The Honeymoon Is Over” was filled with drama.

Below, we’re breaking down all of the major moments, but beware of spoilers ahead.

Apartment Move-In

MAFS Season 11

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Upon returning to New Orleans, the couples moved into their first shared space within the same apartment complex. Amelia and Bennett were excited to explore their new digs as they giggled about the granite countertops and acoustics found within their bedroom closet. The quirky duo even designated their bathrooms, utilizing one for hygiene reasons and another for toilet use. Karen and Miles took time to get acclimated to their space together, deciding where things would go including his Xbox and her office. Concerns over their age difference still exist for Karen as she got edgy about the living situation.

Meanwhile Christina and Henry remain awkward as they try to be hopeful about their situation, and for her that includes deciding whether or not Henry will remain in the friend zone. Chances aren’t looking strong for her when he clearly doesn’t appreciate her pickiness over their apartment furnishings. Brett and Olivia seem moderately excited about their move-in, similar to Woody and Amani, who are cautiously optimistic.

A Glimpse at the Other Side

MAFS Season 11

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As the couples continued to settle in at their apartments, they visited each other’s places to pick up some clothes, decor and more. First up was Olivia, who introduced Brett to her apartment which she hopes to stay in after the show’s process. Little does she know that Brett, who owns his own house, would like the same, but that may be a hard sell considering Olivia’s not impressed with his place. Unfortunately, Brett takes note of Olivia’s distaste which won’t serve them well in the long run.

Bennett is wowed by Amelia’s house which she shares with roommates, and he’s worried that she’ll be underwhelmed by his tiny house that doesn’t include a kitchen or bathroom. When he comes across an old yearbook and discovers his new wife was a former homecoming queen, Bennett’s even more daunted. Of course, his worries are misplaced as Amelia notes how impressed she is by his living space and personal touches.

When it’s time for Karen to see Miles’ place, she’s worried about the clutter she’ll find but Karen’s not as horrified as she thought she’d be. Miles’ new wife does tease him for all of the shoes he owns, but he gives it right back to her when they visit her impeccably neat apartment that also includes a lengthy lineup of shoes. Christina is shocked by how small Henry’s little apartment is and notes how barren the space is, but he’s equally concerned about his wife when she doesn’t bring him to her apartment, claiming she has clothes and necessities already in her car.

Amani is curious to see Woody’s living space which he shares with his grandmother and although she’s not vocal about her concerns, she does express her distaste for his wall which displays various hats in his possession. He on the other hand is impressed by her apartment and wants her to teach him how to sew. Woody also encourages his wife to bring as many clothing items as possible as he’s also into fashion.

Pastor Cal Drops By

MAFS Season 11

(Credit: Lifetime)

While the couples prepare to settle into their new normal, Pastor Cal Roberson swings by the new apartments to get some feedback on how everyone is doing. Woody and Amani were first up on the visit list and he immediately broached the topic of intimacy, which the couple reveals is good as they’ve already had sex. The conversation takes a tense turn when they broach decision making as a topic and Woody notes that he wouldn’t let Amani get a haircut without letting him approve. As things turn tense, Pastor Cal tries to get to the bottom of the issue and Woody reveals a past relationship ended badly when the woman decided to have an abortion without telling him. He just wishes to be included in these conversations and Amani understands that, but will their current understanding change?

Things aren’t much better for Olivia and Brett who battle over finances during their talk with Pastor Cal because she’d like to do fun things and enjoy life whereas he’d prefer to budget himself and spend time with her. The disconnect is only slightly repaired, but it’s clear that the issue isn’t over by the time the conversation ends. Perhaps Brett’s tissue giving was a sort of peace offering? Only time will tell.

The obvious issues come up with Christina and Henry as they both note the friend zone feeling their relationship has, and Pastor Cal notes that Henry will have to make a move if he wants the relationship to survive. Henry also notes his displeasure over Christina’s picky side, but that doesn’t really get him anywhere as Pastor Cal advises that the duo start talking about kids and finances, or anything that married couples actually talk about.

There aren’t many issues to find in Amelia and Bennett’s relationship as things continue down a positive path, but Pastor Cal does bring up the fact that Amelia might have to move away for her residency and Bennett’s still not sure. He doesn’t object, but does note that he’ll cross that road when they get there instead of tackling it now.

Finally, Miles and Karen seemed to make some progress during their chat as she revealed her issues with trust, opening up about a past relationship that went bad. Miles promised that he’d be there for her and Pastor Cal reassured Karen that the experts wouldn’t steer her wrong, claiming her husband has a big heart that won’t hurt her. Will she place her faith in those words? Stay tuned as the show continues next week on Lifetime.

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