‘Married at First Sight’: 5 Key Moments From ‘You Can Get Out of This!’ (RECAP)

MAFS Season 11
Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight, Season 11, Episode 8, “You Can Get Out of This!”]

In this week’s installment of Married at First Sight Season 11, the couples were in for a dose of reality as they get acclimated to living with their new spouses.

With the honeymoon phase well behind them, the pairs settled into apartment life by welcoming friends and family into their new spaces for some much needed perspective. While some couples are faring quite well together, others are struggling under the weight that marriage carries.

Below, we’re breaking down all of the major details from the installment “You Can Get Out of This!” but beware of major spoilers.

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Seeking Advice

MAFS Season 11

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After settling into their apartments, the couples had separate one-on-one meetups with close friends to discuss how things have been going so far. First up was Olivia who opened up to her friend about Brett’s strict budgeting and how they had a fight over ranking their marriage while on the honeymoon. While concerned about some things, Olivia still seems committed like her husband Brett who met up with one of his pals. Together they chatted about Olivia’s spending, and Brett also mentioned a difference in opinion when it came to politics. While he’s worried they may have different priorities, he also remains committed.

It’s another story when it comes to Amelia and Bennett who met up with their friends individually. They both shared how attracted they are to one another with their friends, but also the concerns over a possible move. Amelia is worried that Bennett is being supportive of her impending residency just because he wants to be supportive whereas Bennett’s friend isn’t thrilled to hear that he may be leaving to follow his new wife. Bennett says he’ll cross the bridge when he and Amelia come to it, but he’s otherwise resigned to staying with her.

Uncovering the Real Person

MAFS Season 11

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Miles and Karen continue to find their footing within their marriage as he wishes she’d express her opinions and feelings as well as affection more often. Karen admits that this is something she needs to work on herself and is open to growing in that area, even agreeing to possibly give Miles a kiss at some point.

As for Christina and Henry, the discord is at an all-time high as they try to make small talk, and she’s having a hard time pretending it’s not awkward. Despite both agreeing that having their friends over will be good for their relationship, he admits that they wonder why he got married at first sight. Christina eventually tells Henry he “can get out of this” if he wants, but he ends up staying.

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One evening Brett and Olivia are preparing dinner and she asks him to sit down so they can go over a budget to prove that she’s making an effort and isn’t financially irresponsible. The moment is rather sweet as the pair bond by the computer and begin a spreadsheet discussing plans to possibly visit the zoo or go bowling with their extra money.

Group Meeting

MAFS Season 11

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In a separate group of meetups, the ladies gathered for brunch while the guys grabbed a drink together and shot some pool. While these group gatherings took place, Amelia’s comments about Bennett’s tiny house and how he built it from scratch leads Amani to say that she got her own Noah from The Notebook. Also Olivia talks more budget problems with Brett and Karen reveals to the ladies that she finally gave Miles a kiss outside of their wedding day which gets some approving responses. Christina, meanwhile, is concerned that she’ll always have to be the “doer” in her relationship with Henry.

At the guys’ gathering, finances come up and while Bennett shows support for being self-sufficient in that department, Woody tells Brett that when it comes to Olivia’s lack of budgeting, he should get used to it. Henry also opens up about his struggles with Christina, mentioning that he may have called her high maintenance. Woody in response says that Christina is just impatient because she just wants to be with him.

Party Time

MAFS Season 11

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Christina and Henry are first on the party list as they welcomed their friends in for a night of games and conversation. Among them are Henry’s friend Kristin, who expressed her displeasure over his marriage behind the scenes. Christina opens up to Kristin and mentions how Henry’s not really into initiating things with her, and when Henry tells her friends that they’re taking things slow he receives some judgmental comments. During Christina’s chat with Kristin, she learns that Henry was really supportive to his friend when she lost her sister, and while he may be shy, Kristin does restore Christina’s dwindling confidence in Henry a bit.

Woody and Amani’s party is filled with fun and food as the pair played “Never Have I Ever,” which revealed quite a bit about their budding relationship to their guests. Woody’s cousin admits to Amani that she couldn’t picture him settling down, but can see that he’s really happy with her, and Amani’s thrilled by this. Woody is even more revealing in a conversation with the men at the party as they reveal that he and Amani had consummated their marriage.

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Karen and Miles’ party takes place without any real issue as her friends grill him about how he’s supporting her and they’re pleased to see he’s a considerate partner. One of Karen’s friends also notes that she prefers to have a man take control in a relationship. Meanwhile, when Karen gets a chance to chat with Miles’ sister, she admits that she’s worried Miles will be different when real life sinks in. His sister reassures Karen, but tells cameras behind the scenes that she’s worried Miles is too much of a lover for Karen. Their night ends with a game of truth or dare that includes lap-sitting and a kiss.

Olivia and Brett play Jenga and catch up with their friends during a gathering of their own, and while not much happens at this event, Olivia does admit she has some concerns about Brett to a confidante but doesn’t elaborate too much. Amelia and Bennett’s party is exactly what viewers would expect as the pair prepared a cloth for their guests to create a collective mural. There’s nothing but good vibes as they recall honeymoon moments and enjoy each others’ company.

Beginning of the End?

MAFS Season 11

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In a final scene from the episode, Henry and Christina prepare dinner together and ask each other questions that feel totally scripted. Christina confirms this when she jokingly says, “and scene,” indicating that filming should stop for the night. She voices her frustration over the fact that Henry doesn’t try, as she’s been decorating the apartment and driving the conversations. Frustrated, Henry storms out of the apartment claiming he’s done with it. What does being done really mean? Find out when the show returns next week on Lifetime.

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