TV Insider Podcast: ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Stephanie Beatriz Reflects on Playing Rosa

Brooklyn Nine Nine - Stephanie Beatriz

When we first met Detective Rosa Diaz (played by Stephanie Beatriz) in the pilot episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, she was sitting in a briefing, feet up on a table and scowling. Her first line was “Maybe it’s just old person gunk. You know how old people always have, like, gunk on them?” in reference to a photo of a possible suspect with food on her chin.

Thankfully, Rosa became much more than a sitcom character who says snarky thing. Instead, over the past seven seasons, she’s grown into a three-dimensional character who’s not only held her own in the comedy department against pros like Saturday Night Live alum Andy Samberg (who plays Detective Jake Peralta) but also gone through several relationships — remember when she and Charles Doyle (Joe Lo Truglio) were dating? — and even came out as bisexual.

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Now, as Season 7 is winding down, we sat down with Beatriz in Los Angeles to talk about shaping Rosa in the early days of the series, how she really felt doing comedy, and how her character’s sexuality is not the most interesting thing about her. Finally, with the show going into Season 8, what would she like to see for Rosa next? And, of course, we also had to ask about Beatriz’s role in the upcoming film adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s In The Heights.

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