‘Ellen’s Game of Games’ Tests Jeff Foxworthy & Kenan Thompson on Famous Paintings (VIDEO)

The special guests in Tuesday’s Ellen’s Game of Games are joining Ellen DeGeneres for quite the take on a dunk tank.

As TV Insider’s exclusive sneak peek shows, Jeff Foxworthy and Kenan Thompson hold the fates of the two contestants in their hands in a game of “Stink Tank.”

It’s up to the contestants to determine how many of the Top 25 Most Famous Paintings (according to the website ListSurge) the celebrities can name. Foxworthy’s partner thinks he knows at least four and then challenges the five that Thompson’s partner guesses. Is she right?

Watch the clip above to see if Thompson can name five paintings from that list.

In “Party in the Goo S.A.,” in addition to the above, contestants play the new game “Runaway Bride” as well as “Aw Snap and “Don’t Leave Me Hanging.” The winner of each round advances to “Know or Go,” and that winner goes on to “Hot Hands” for a chance to win a cash prize.

Jeff Foxworthy Ellen DeGeneres Kenan Thompson Ellen's Game of Games

(Mike Rozman/Warner Brothers/NBC)

Ellen’s Game of Games, Tuesdays, 8/7c, NBC