Joely Richardson’s ‘Blacklist’ Episode Is Agatha Christie Meets Indiana Jones

The Blacklist Joely Richardson Guest Star 2020 Return
Will Hart/NBC

After a three-month hiatus, the just-renewed Blacklist is back on Friday nights to steal your viewing time with this tale of larceny.

International criminal turned FBI ally Raymond “Red” Reddington (James Spader) learns he can finally sell his share of a stolen art treasure, reuniting him with one of his fellow thieves, elegant, sexy Cassandra Bianchi (guest star Joely Richardson, above, with Spader). Then someone starts picking off the gang one by one.

The voluble and charming British actress reveals more.

Joely, what brought you to The Blacklist?

Joely Richardson: Cassandra is a cracking character who’s a bit kickass. And working with James Spader was a really exciting concept. [I’ve admired him] since my twenties, and the episode is very much about her and Reddington.

You’ve played both good and evil characters. Where does Cassandra fall?

You don’t know if she’s a goody or a baddie, but she is a tough woman who takes no prisoners. She and [old flame] Red are both accomplished crooks and accomplished survivors. For the job at hand, it’s about who’s playing who and who loves who!

Joely Richardson Guest Stars The Blacklist James Spader

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And now they — and everyone else in on the taking of these valuable ancient caskets — are in danger.

What happens is part Agatha Christie whodunit mixed with sort of an Indiana Jones caper. The question is, who will be the last person standing?

You’re part of a family of distinguished actors, including your mother Vanessa Redgrave and your late older sister Natasha. Ever want to be anything else?

I wanted to be a gymnast, but I was a giraffe, so that wasn’t a possibility. Then I wanted to play tennis, and later I wanted to be a teacher. When I look back now, they’re all about performance.

The Blacklist, Fridays, 8/7c, NBC