’90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days’: Here For the Wrong Reasons (RECAP)

Varya + Geoffrey Before the 90Days TLC
Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days Season 4, Episode 3].

This season has already broken viewing records for TLC and plenty of hearts onscreen. Let’s dive in to see where the train wrecks lie this week and which couples have bright futures ahead (so far, maybe only one).

Russian Roulette

Varya + Geoffrey Before the 90Days TLC


We pick up right where we left off: witnessing the extreme awkwardness between Geoffrey and Varya. The couple just met in person for the first time and already have nothing to say to each other.

“Things aren’t going exactly as I thought they would go. I’m just getting this weird vibe from her,” he says in a confessional. “It’s not bad and it’s not good. It’s just a little distant and standoffish.”

Varya confesses that she finds Geoffrey “boring” as he comments that she had lipstick on her teeth earlier. Yikes. Geoffrey really knows how to make a woman feel beautiful.

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“I thought that Americans are very open and self-confident, but I don’t understand if he likes me or not. What’s going on?” Varya vents. She tells Geoffrey that her friends would prefer if she didn’t stay in his hotel, and he is evidently disappointed that they don’t have the chance to further get to know one another.

Usman’s Doubts

Usman aka Sojaboy is introduced smoking hookah in bed as he texts his “baby love” Lisa. Based in Kaduna, Nigeria, Usman lives with two of his friends in a one-bedroom apartment. He calls fiancée Lisa his “number one fan” and his dream is to become a hip hop and R&B star in the U.S.

Usman Before the 90 Days TLC


Usman meets up with friends to discuss his upcoming single. He shares a photo of Lisa, and one of his buddies asks, “are you ok with this?” They urge him instead to focus on his music and, when ready, find a spouse in Africa.

“Lisa makes my career more difficult. She always wants to stalk my fans, especially the ladies talking to me when I post on social media,” Usman admits. “I just have to try to tolerate her.” Is that a line from The Notebook?

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Stephanie & Erika

Speaking of musicians, we meet new cast member Stephanie strumming a guitar. The Yonkers-based YouTuber, 29, is originally from the Czech Republic. She plugs her YouTube channel as a way to vulnerably connect to the world.

She connected with her love, Erika, 24, through Instagram. Erika is based in the Australian outback and works as a photographer. Both Erika and Stephanie identify as bisexual, and Stephanie plans to travel to Australia to meet her.

Stephanie Before the 90 Days TLC


“I just want to slow motion run up to [Erika] and give her a kiss,” Stephanie beams to her friends, who remain skeptical of the online-based romance.

Stephanie opted to meet Erika in Australia instead of hosting her in the U.S. out of fear of her mother finding out that she’s dating a woman. “Erika doesn’t deserve to be a secret but I am wrestling with telling [my mom] about why I’m going,” Stephanie says to her friends through tears. “I just know for a fact that my mom is not going to be thrilled that I’m going to Australia to meet a woman.”

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Twice Burned

Darcey hits the gym to relieve stress after seeing questionable photos of on again-off again boyfriend Tom with another woman. Her twin sister Stacey shared the pics of Tom with an unknown blonde that he had posted online. Apparently Darcey and Tom had both blocked one another on social media after a fight weeks ago, and so she hadn’t seen the post until now.

“I don’t know who this woman is but I will not let anyone play with my heart,” she cries to her twin.

Darcey Silva Before the 90 Days TLC


“I wonder if he ever did love you,” Stacey responds in a condescending attempt to comfort Darcey.

Darcey says that she still considers herself to be in a relationship with Tom and takes the blame for once again not identifying red flags with her lovers.

Meet Rosemarie

We’re introduced to Rosemarie the day before Ed arrives, beginning with a tour of her home. She lives with her four year-old son in the back of her sister Maria’s store. The place does not have a kitchen or bathroom, and the mother-son duo sleep on the floor. “Our life is simple and small,” Rosemarie says in a confessional interview. “It’s a hard life but I always try to be a positive person.”

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Rosemarie is excited to meet Ed in person, saying she finds his long hair “sexy.” She also quickly admits that she hopes he can take care of her and her son, as moving to America would be the way to a better life for both of them.

Rosemarie Before the 90 Days TLC


Her sister Maria points out that Ed is usually not Rosemarie’s type given their age difference — Ed is the same age as their father — but that it’s “okay because he’s rich.” In last week’s episode, Maria also asked Ed for money for her store.

Mr. Robot

Back to what was probably the longest car ride ever. Varya and Geoffrey finally arrive at the hotel. “Just to put this out there: things are a little awkward and weird between us,” he opens up to break the ice.

She asks if he’s afraid of her or if he finds her unattractive. Geoffrey admits to being intimidated. “I’m happy to hear it from you because I thought you were kind of a robot,” Varya partially jokes, citing his lack of emotions as cause for concern.

Geoffrey + Varya Before the 90 Days TLC


Geoffrey then criticizes how Varya holds hands with him, while she says that he’s touching her “like a father” and not in a romantic way. Both agree that if things don’t change, their relationship will most likely go nowhere.

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Disappearing Act

Yolanda hasn’t heard from Williams recently regarding her trip. “This is very strange behavior,” Yolanda says. “Hopefully it’s just a misunderstanding.”

Later that night though, Williams deleted his whole Instagram account. Or he actually just changed it to who he really was.

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“It turned into a whole new name, and I’ve never heard of this name, and there’s no pictures under the new account. I am so confused,” Yolanda stresses. “I’m trying to build a life with this man. It does not make sense. He’s got some explaining to do.”

Well that was a short-lived romance.

Health Risk

Stephanie’s family comes over to her apartment, and her mother expresses concern for her upcoming three-week trip to Australia.

Two years ago, Stephanie was diagnosed with Aplastic anemia which affects bone marrow and cell count. She needed daily blood transplants and is still highly susceptible to infections, making traveling a potential health hazard. “Erika is worth this big risk because we have an intense connection that I’ve never felt with anybody before,” Stephanie says in a confessional.

Stephanie Before the 90 Days TLC


Stephanie tells her parents about Erika but says that she’s “just a friend.”

“It might hurt Erika that I haven’t been honest to my family about her but I hope she can understand,” Stephanie opens up. “I think coming out to your parents is a really big moment. I just need to feel ready, and I didn’t feel ready tonight.”

“This is Paradise”

Usman’s friends help prepare the hotel room for Lisa, complete with a stuffed teddy bear and red roses. The trio are also dressed up to pick her up from the airport, which is pretty cute.

“We are going to go and see the most beautiful woman on the earth,” Usman tells his roommates.

“To you,” one counters. They warn Usman that he may not find Lisa attractive in person due to her age, but he maintains that she is the woman for him no matter what.

Usman + Lisa Before the 90 Days TLC


Usman and Lisa kiss at the airport and cuddle before going outside to meet his friends. While Lisa finds Usman “smoking hot,” he privately admits that he hoped she would have more of an hourglass figure. Regardless, “her heart is beautiful.”

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Where There’s Smoke….

Avery expresses her anxiety about meeting Ash while on the plane to Australia. “I hope at this point the man who is waiting for me is who I think he is,” she tells the camera.

Cut to Ash shirtless on the beach. The 38-year-old relationship coach originally is from Mauritius, a small island off the coast of Madagascar, and today lives in Melbourne. He describes himself as a “very spiritual person” and refrains from alcohol and marijuana, which already is contradictory to weed chef Avery.

Ash Before the 90 Days TLC


Ash explains that all of his professional clients are single women, but that was unintentional. Um, alright. “I believe that I can actually genuinely really help people,” he says while referencing “love languages” and flirtatiously praising a client for being “wise.”

“I have to say I don’t do too bad with the ladies,” he brags in a confessional, licking his lips. Maybe Avery should just get back on that same plane and go home already.

Ash reminisces about his past marriage to ex-wife Sian, who he was together with for eight years. The couple had son Taj together and currently share joint custody. Ash says that his soul has met Avery in a past life and the two are connected spiritually. It’s only a plus that she’s “drop dead gorgeous.”

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He visits his personal florist Dominic in anticipation of Avery’s arrival. Dominic has known Ash for 15 years and is a witness to his slew of past lovers. Basically Ash gets around.

Yet Ash wants to settle down with Avery, but only if she “allows him to give love and is open to receiving it.”

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Varya and Geoffrey go on their first official dinner date. She graciously asks if he would like to try traditional Russian food before ordering. He says of course, before then insulting the dish. “Who thinks to put that stuff together?” Geoffrey complains in a confessional.

Geoffrey Before the 90 Days TLC


Varya asks why Geoffrey and his most recent ex broke up. “I really don’t like talking about it because when you learn about an ex, you start to dwell on stuff like that,” he sidesteps, no doubt not wanting to reference his current legal situation.

Also apparently Geoffrey neglected to tell Varya that he had children while they were talking online. She found out herself about his three sons through social media, and yet that’s not even all of his children. “There is still a lot I don’t know about his past,” Varya says. “It makes me nervous.”

Sexual Seduction

Lisa wants alone time with Usman away from his roommates and expresses her need for intimacy in the backseat of the car on the way to the hotel. Their intense PDA makes his roommates uncomfortable, and Lisa shoos away cameras once they are finally alone in the bedroom.

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Picture Perfect

After a 17.5-hour journey, Ed lands in the Philippines to meet girlfriend Rosemarie. She inspects him at the airport, and tells him that she expected him to be the same height as her like he had said. But Rosemarie says that he’s “okay for her” no matter what.

“I now have faith in love again,” Ed tells the camera.

Rosemarie Before the 90 Days TLC



Avery lands in Australia, Lisa meets Usman’s mother, a new couple is introduced, and Stephanie apparently decided to be celibate before meeting Erika. Geoffrey confronts Varya about her intentions to move to the U.S., and Darcey has a meltdown. When is she getting her own show?! Finally, Rosemarie is shown using Ed for money to buy new clothes.

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Until next week, 90 Day fans!

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