Robert Wisdom Is Returning for ‘Supernatural’s Final Season — Is Mark Sheppard?


Death is not the end for characters on Supernatural — just look at how many times Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) have died over the years.

And with the series wrapping up, it stands to reason that some familiar faces might pop up in the final episodes. Thanks to a post on Instagram detailing one of the show’s “lasts” from Misha Collins, fans know of at least one returning character.

“It was the last time Cas & Uriel [Robert Wisdom] will be together,” Collins wrote alongside a photo of the two of them on set.

Wisdom played the angel Uriel in four episodes of Season 4, with his last appearance coming when his character was killed in Episode 16 “On the Head of a Pin.” What could bring him back this time? Is it the same Uriel? An alternate universe version of the character? Anything is possible.


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Today, there were two “lasts” on #Supernatural: First, it was the last time Cas & Uriel (@robertraywisdom) will be together… The other “last” is too spoilery to post here. Text me “NSFW” & I’ll send it to you: (323) 405-9939

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And everyone, of course, wants to know if we’ll see Mark Sheppard return as everyone’s favorite demon, Crowley. He sacrificed himself in the fight to trap Lucifer in the Apocalypse World in the Season 12 finale. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like we’re likely to see him again.

“Crowley is kind of technically trapped in The Empty right now,” executive producer Andrew Dabb told TVLine. “The Empty is a character for us, someone with an agenda. So I would say there’d have to be a really good reason for The Empty to let Crowley wake up — and I don’t know that reason has been presented quite yet.” But that “yet” does offer a bit of hope.

In other good news, Dabb also revealed that Jake Abel will return as Sam and Dean’s half-brother Adam and archangel Michael but “it won’t be for a while.” When TV Insider spoke with Abel about his fall finale appearance, he expected to come back because he felt the story was “incomplete.” Before Adam/Michael left at the end of “Our Father, Who Aren’t in Heaven,” he did come around to helping with the Winchesters’ God problem and there’s still the matter of a possible Michael/God confrontation.

“When I was on set, Jared and Jensen had asked me as well if I was going to be back, and I said, ‘I don’t know,’ and they replied, ‘Well, we’d be surprised if you wouldn’t because you’re setting up everything,'” he shared. “What happened in this episode sets up the rest of the season for big things to come. My hope is they’re keeping something really special towards the end.”

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It sounds like he may have been right.

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