Will AJ Buckley Return as Ed in ‘Supernatural’s Final Season?

Diyah Pera/The CW

AJ Buckley’s characters on Supernatural and SEAL Team both deal with some crazy situations, though those on the latter are based in reality.

“Although they’re doing super things, they don’t have super powers,” Buckley explained. “The only difference [between what SEALs and the CBS drama’s characters face] is there are real bullets being fired at you.”

So how would Ed and Sonny handle each other’s lives? TV Insider asked Buckley just that, as well as whether we’ll see the Ghostfacers again before The CW drama ends.  (The last time the Winchesters crossed paths with them was Season 9’s “#thinman.”)

With Supernatural ending, is there any chance we’ll see Ed again? The Ghostfacers are so much fun.

AJ Buckley: I would say that was probably by far my favorite character, comedic-wise, I’ve ever played. I haven’t got the call yet. I was really hoping that we could come back one final time and say goodbye to them. I 100% would make it work, so if anybody who’s reading this has any power to bring the Ghostfacers back, please call.

And looking back on Supernatural, what will you remember most about the show and its fans?

The fans are by far the greatest group of fans I’ve had the pleasure to meet over the years at the conventions and whatnot, but just the unbelievable support that they have given and continue to give, which is really cool. They’re the most dedicated group of fans and follow you anywhere, which is really comforting.

(Diyah Pera/The CW)

How would Ed do in any of the situations Sonny has been in?

He’d talk a really big game [until] the first gunshot would go off.

And how would Sonny do handling the supernatural stuff?

He would just start shooting everything.

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