MAD Magazine Takes Aim at TV With Its Latest Issue (PHOTOS)


What, me worry?

Hell yeah, we should all should be worried! Alfred E. Neuman and his MAD Magazine cohorts are coming after our beloved medium in their latest issue (on stands today) and nothing is sacred. Which is exactly how comedy should be.

Now a bi-monthly publication, the iconic satire magazine has been delivering new content mixed with classic reprints from MAD‘s history. In their most recent edition, “MAD Screeens TV,” the cartoonists and writers have cast an eye on a blend of television programs rips for the ripping, including the long-running Deadliest Catch. Except instead of navigating the Bering Sea for Alaskan king crabs, this version finds our heroes handling a more terrifying scenario on terra firma. Check out our exclusive sneak peek below.

Mad Magazine-Deadliest Carts

In addition, the issue also makes hay of the growing trend of non-entertainment outlets getting into the TV game. Remember when Amazon was for buying books and Facebook was for blocking your awful sister-in-law? Now even Snapchat is delivering original programming and per, MAD Mag, we could be in for even more unlikely providers. Clearly these are jokes, but TBH, we’d watch the hell out of a Taxicab Confessions-type show from Uber.

Mad Magazine - That's Advertainment - comedy - spoof

Mad Magazine, Issue 12, “MAD Screens TV,” on stands now.