MAD Magazine Sticks It to 'Game of Thrones' With 'Spin-Offs' (PHOTOS)

Damian Holbrook

So were you mad at how Game of Thrones ended? Then MAD Magazine has got you covered, boo.

In the comedy publication's upcoming Issue #8,  writer Brian Firenzi and illustrator  Ryan Flanders have devoted some serious grey (worm) matter to Game of Thrones Spin-offs!, a collection of potential follow-ups that plant a few of the show's most beloved characters in some familiar (and weirdly watchable) titles.

Fork Yeah! MAD Magazine Goes to 'The Good Place' (PHOTO)

Fork Yeah! MAD Magazine Goes to 'The Good Place' (PHOTO)

The third season may be over, but the laughs continue in a spot-on spoof.

Seriously, the Khal Drogo one? Bring it.

TV Insider is honored to exclusively unveil the feature's giggle-inducing ideas for what could come next. So click through and let us know which pitch works for you in the comments!

And don't worry. Unlike the Battle for Winterfell, you will actually be able to see it when Issue #8 hits stands on June 11.