3 Things to Know About ‘Devs’ on FX on Hulu

Karl Glusman Nick Offerman Devs FX Hulu
Raymond Liu/FX

Murder, corporate espionage, and cutting-edge technology run the code of this eerie new drama. Here’s a quick download of some key info before you start watching Devs.

Nick Offerman is nearly unrecognizable

The former Parks and Recreation cutup goes darkly unsympathetic as Forest, a Silicon Valley CEO tied to the death of one of his AI coders (Karl Glusman, above left, with Offerman).

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This is science fiction for those who take their science very seriously.

Our hero is outmatched

As the dead man’s girlfriend and engineer Lily (Sonoya Mizuno) begins to investigate, Forest’s inner circle — which includes Star Trek: Picard‘s Alison Pill and The Good Fight‘s Zach Grenier — employs an arsenal of cyber tools to predict her moves, tamper with evidence and, ultimately, test her sanity.

Sonoya Mizuno Devs Lily

(Miya Mizuno/FX)

It could happen. Soon.

“This is science fiction that’s barely fiction,” notes Pill of Devs‘ take on technology that predicts the future. “It is [all] based in science.”

No wonder Alexa can practically read your mind!

Devs, Series Premiere, Thursday, March 5, FX on Hulu