’90 Day Fiancé’ Season 7 Tell All, Part 2: Bye For Now (RECAP)

Syngin + Tania 90 Day Fiancé
Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for 90 Day Fiancé Season 7 Tell All, Part 2].

Season 7 officially comes to a close with Part 2 of the Tell All, hosted by the impeccable Shaun Robinson. Let’s see who ends up where.

Natalie & Mike: Lukewarm

Finally we get an answer as to whether or not Mike and Natalie are still a couple. “Right now we are on hold,” Natalie says, while still assuring that she is committed to the relationship. They both admit to having communication issues. Apparently the visa is also still stalled, which only adds to their frustration.

Angela & Michael: Love Knows No Bounds

Speaking of visa trouble, Michael believes that the embassy thought his relationship with Angela was fake. They both were deeply hurt by the visa denial. “Me and Michael’s road has never been easy from the beginning but we make it back,” Angela says.

Michael’s friends from Nigeria are videochatted into the Tell All, and Shaun takes the opportunity to confront them about their skepticism over Angela. They taunt Angela, calling her pumpkin (she’s wearing a yellow-orange shawl), and Angela confronts them about calling her trashy.

Angela + Michael 90 Day Fiancé TLC

“Well I’m the classiest, trashiest b**ch you’ll ever meet,” Angela says as an audition to be the new Sammi “Sweetheart.” I mean, Sammi has been absent from Jersey Shore: Family Vacation so they do need a replacement.

Angela then threatens to walk off for the millionth time during a Tell All episode until Michael’s friends are removed from the screen. “I love her and she loves me. Period,” Michael proclaims, standing by Angela. She keeps trying to relate to Mike and Natalie and inspire them to stay together too through their hardship.

Jasmin & Blake: Why Do We Care?

Blake’s friends are also videochatted in to basically just complain about Jasmin. “She’s made zero effort to just say ‘how are you?'” Blake’s friend Rita explains, saying that she feels Jasmin thinks she’s better than them. Blake assures that it’s “just how Finnish people are.” And that tagline just keeps getting repeated and repeated and repeated.

Can we mention Blake’s creepy colored contacts for this Tell All? Like, why?

Blake + Jasmin 90 Day Fiancé TLC

Back to Natalie & Mike

Shaun has to ask Mike about his belief in aliens because, you know, it’s good TV. Wait, is the work Mike was referring to last night actually him being an expert on Ancient Aliens? Can someone please tell us?!

Natalie keeps trying to impose her religious beliefs on Mike, and it’s just as frustrating as it was earlier on in the season. If this is a deal breaker for Natalie, then just break it off. This isn’t fair to Mike.

“Do you love the guy or do you not? What is it?” Angela bluntly asks Natalie.

“I have feelings for Mike but I love myself more,” Natalie oddly responds, implying she “fell out of love” with Mike while he was in the Ukraine. Mike doesn’t know what she’s referring to and it’s all just confusing. If Natalie is this conflicted, she should find someone else.

Natalie 90 Day Fiancé TLC

And then the truth comes out: Apparently the story they’ve been hiding is that Mike’s good friend, who is a woman, asked him to be her Best Man for her wedding. Mike went over to her house the night before the wedding but slept on the couch. Natalie says it’s not true. This also happened a year ago, but Natalie is convinced that Mike is withholding the real details. Even worse: This woman also contacted Natalie saying that Mike isn’t going to marry Natalie, and apparently they have been fighting ever since.

It’s difficult to gauge who’s telling the truth. Mike’s friend might just be nuts, and that doesn’t mean Mike cheated. But Natalie is deeply hurt regardless. Natalie says this is why she tried to “push him into religion” to make him more honest, which isn’t entirely how religion works but she was desperate. Mike says he still wants to fight for Natalie.

And that wraps up the formal Tell All episode with Shaun, but of course the cameras keep rolling until the very end.

Last Words

Angela says she’ll definitely go back to Nigeria to marry Michael, and according to Instagram, they did in fact wed. Congratulations to them both—they definitely deserve a happy ending.

Mike TLC 90 Day Fiance

Blake hopes Jasmin will someday get along with his friends, and similarly Emily wants to have a relationship with Sasha’s exes. Natalie says she will only give Mike a second chance if he changes, and Angela urges Mike to fly back to the Ukraine to make amends. Mike’s last line about Natalie and how he just wants to “give her the biggest hug in the world,” ends it on a questionable note. He seems kind of fake. Is he telling the truth or is Natalie?

Props to Shaun Robinson for being absolutely on fire with both parts of the Tell All. She asked exactly what every viewer and fan was thinking, and did it with absolute grace and—when needed—some 20/20 force.

But what about Mike?! Can we resurrect the 90 Day Live after show hosted by Michelle Collins to follow up with this cast later? We need just that one update…

It’s been an honor 90 Day fans, and don’t forget to watch Before the 90 Days airing next Sunday. The one and only Darcey Silva is making her triumphant return and boy, do we already have a lot to say.