‘Good Girls’: Where Season 2 Left Off & Where Season 3 Could Pick Up

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NBC’s Good Girls returns this Sunday, February 16, and the excitement couldn’t be higher, but it’s been quite a while since we last spent time with Beth (Christina Hendricks), Ruby (Retta) and Annie (Mae Whitman). To help out with the transition into Season 3, we’re taking a look back at Season 2.

Below, we break down where things left off for our characters and speculate as to where they’re likely to pick up.

The Shots Heard ‘Round Michigan

Good Girls Manny Montana

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Not dissimilar to Season 1’s shooting of Beth’s hubby Dean (Matthew Lillard), viewers were left with a cliffhanger regarding Rio’s (Manny Montana) future. Unlike that situation which left viewers wondering who, if anyone, had been shot, we see Beth pull the trigger on her crime cohort. But when she flees after untying Agent Turner (James Lesure) who Rio ordered Beth to kill, he turned his attention on the dying gang member.

Will Rio be saved in time or did he perish? Considering Beth’s sense of security in the Season 2 finale’s last moments, we’re guessing survival chances are higher. After all, Montana shared promotional photos for Season 3 on his Instagram, which means Rio’s more likely alive rather than dead. Only the premiere can confirm this for certain.

Next Business Venture

Good Girls Season 2 Cast

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Towards the end of Season 2, the women were being looked at as suspects in the disappearance of Boomer (David Hornsby), but when he turns himself into the police, they’re let off the hook. Now that Rio appears to be out of the way, Beth proposed their next business venture, presenting Annie and Ruby with her own counterfeit bill.

As hinted at in the trailer, the women follow through with this proposition, but it’s unclear at what point they get on board with the idea and whether or not it will last. One thing’s for sure — they’re getting help from a new source, teased character Lucy (Charlyne Yi), who will play a role in their activities.

Relationship Status

Good Girls Annie Noah

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Ruby and Stan (Reno Wilson) are stronger than ever when Season 2 wrapped with him now aware of her illicit activities, and they power on despite the challenges this could pose. Meanwhile, Dean was seen comforting Beth when she returns home after shooting Rio. Could their on-again-off-again game be on once more? And then there’s Annie, who had cozied up to F.B.I. Agent Noah (Sam Huntington), but things were left tense and uncertain when he told her he was being transferred to Arizona where his kid lives.

Picking Things Up

Good Girls Season 2 Beth Christina Hendricks

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If Season 3 is anything like the prior season, it could pick up mere moments after Season 2 left off, or it could open with the new business booming. Viewers will have to wait and see for certain — either way, get ready for more criminal shenanigans.

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