What Does [Spoiler]’s Presence in the Plane Calling Mean on ‘Manifest’? (RECAP)

Manifest Season 2 Episode 6 Recap Plane Calling
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 2, Episode 6 of Manifest, “Return Trip.”]

The plane Calling is getting more and more mysterious in Manifest Season 2.

We’ve seen the passengers’ Callings take place on the plane — even Zeke (Matt Long) was on it despite not being an 828er — but it’s the one at the end of “Return Trip” that has us the most worried. Just as Saanvi (Parveen Kaur) is about to experiment on herself as she continues to try to figure out how to save them all from the death date, she, Ben (Josh Dallas), and Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) have a Calling that transports them to the plane.

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'That's going to take her a little time to get over,' the actress says of Saanvi feeling like Ben betrayed her.

This time, they’re not still in the air. Instead, they’re on the ground and ash is falling on them and the crashed plane. “Is this what happened to us?” Michaela asks. “Did we crash?” They realize, however, that while some of the people presumably dead in the seats were on the plane — including fellow passenger Finn (Rafi Silver), holding the rock belonging to the son he just met — others weren’t. And perhaps most concerning of all is the fact that Adrian (Jared Grimes) is standing outside the plane.

How might Adrian play a role in all of this? He did assure Isaiah earlier that “there’ll be another miracle … an even bigger one.” Could this be what he means?

After all, Olive and TJ did discover a possible record of another “miracle.” Clues led them to the story of 16th century scholar Yusuv Al-Zuras, who mysteriously returned after being lost at sea for 10 years — and claimed he could hear the voice of God in his head. They can’t find any record of when he died, but it could have been 10 years after he returned. That could be proof the death date is real.

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“By the time we get halfway through the season, they’ll have a much clearer understanding of what that plane Calling is about,” Jeff Rake previously told TV Insider. “It takes us to perhaps the darkest place we’ve been since the series began.”

Those last images, of Ben, Michaela, and Saanvi on a crashed plane, with Adrian on the outside, certainly suggests some dark stuff is coming.

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The star also reveals how Jared would've handled being a passenger on Flight 828.

Elsewhere in the episode, Grace (Athena Karkanis) is worried about the world knowing about an 828 baby and comes up with a (horrible) solution: tell everyone the baby is Danny’s. “Two different Callings have warned us that the baby might be in danger,” she tells Ben. “I’m scared.” But he refuses, assuring her they’ll protect their baby together.

Will this come up again between the two, or might that plane Calling take precedence? How worried should they be about the Xers or Believers discovering that there definitely is an 828 baby? We’ll have to wait and see.

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