Get to Know the Cast & Characters of Paramount’s ’68 Whiskey’ (VIDEO)

The 68 Whiskey group of Army medics in Paramount Network’s newest series is like a family, and so each has a role to play.

“I run the base,” Lamont Thompson said of his character Colonel Harlan Austin when he and the rest of the cast recently sat down with TV Insider. “If there’s a human being there, they answer to me.”

The title of the show refers to a military occupational specialty, he explained. “They go out into the field and patch people up to the point where they can get them back to the hospital for real surgery or back to another base.”

While he described Alvarez as “the daughter that always needs $100,” her portrayer Cristina Rodlo clarified, “She needs a bunch of favors because she’s going through a lot of stuff back home.”

“A lot of what they’re doing is to deal with the missions they’re assigned to go on, but aside from that, they have personal missions they’re trying to take care of,” Jeremy Tardy, who plays Mekhi Davis, added.

68 Whiskey Cast

(Paramount Network)

Derek Theler plays one of the main antagonists, Sasquatch, an ex-Special Forces government-contracted mercenary whose company’s “morals are constantly questioned,” he previewed. And while you may question which side he’s on, “he’s willing to do whatever he can for his relationship with Durkin (Gage Golightly),” he added.

Watch the video above for more from Thompson, Rodlo, Sam Keeley, Tardy, Theler, Golightly, and Nicholas Coombe.

68 Whiskey, Wednesdays, 10/9c, Paramount Network