’68 Whiskey’ Sneak Peek: Roback Gets Candid About Being Grounded (VIDEO)

Paramount Network’s hit new series 68 Whiskey continues to take viewers on one wild ride after another and this week’s episode is no exception.

In the installment titled “Fight or Flight,” Col. Austin (Lamont Thompson) is forced to bring the hammer down on Roback (Sam Keeley), Davis (Jeremy Tardy), and Alvarez (Cristina Rodlo) and when 68 Whiskey finds themselves grounded, morale isn’t that high — as seen in an exclusive sneak peek of the episode above.

In the scene, we see Roback open up to medic Cameron (Shades of Blue‘s Warren Kole) about his punishment, which has him confined to his quarters for the remainder of deployment. Roback and Cameron then debate a number of things, but their first words set the tone for the rest of the exchange.

“What are you doing here? Medics only,” Roback tells Cameron who counters with, “I guess you should leave then, huh?”

68 Whiskey Roback Season 1

(Credit: Paramount Network)

Roback claims he’s only there for a book, and when Cameron calls him out for selecting the dictionary, he says, “I like to read a book when I know how it ends.”

“You caught a tough break. I feel bad for you, buddy,” Cameron then offers.

Roback then questions why he and his fellow medics would be replaced by Cameron and his team, but the man doesn’t have a definitive answer. Ultimately, Cameron says that he just goes where he’s instructed to, it’s never a calculated decision.

The pair go back and forth a little more, with Roback asking if it’s true what they say about training for Cameron’s role. He reveals they do a water confidence test, in which trainees have weights strapped to their body and are plunged into a pool.

See their continued conversation above and don’t miss 68 Whiskey on Paramount Network.

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