‘FBI: Most Wanted’ Cast on What Makes It Stand out From Other Procedurals (VIDEO)

Dick Wolf’s universe of law enforcement shows is ever-expanding, with CBS’ FBI: Most Wanted the latest offering.

But it’s not exactly like other procedurals on television, the stars shared when they recently sat down with TV Insider’s Jim Halterman to discuss their characters and the series.

Julian McMahon knew Dick Wolf’s reputation and had been watching his shows for years. “Production-wise and script-wise, all of those little things which seem like they might be simple and easy, which are not, are taken care of in the Dick Wolf world,” he said.

And the world of FBI: Most Wanted showcases the team’s interpersonal relationships and who they are. Due to the nature of the task force, “they have to function as a family unit,” Keisha Castle-Hughes explained. “They end up cohabiting in these spaces together until they’ve brought these fugitives down.”

FBI Most Wanted Season 1 Cast

(Mark Schafer/CBS)

Right now, the episodes are “establishing us as a team” and individuals, Roxy Sternberg added. “They’ve allowed us each to have an episode where we really go into our background so we can learn more about our characters.”

Watch the video above for more from McMahon, Castle-Hughes, Kellan Lutz, Sternberg, and Nathaniel Arcand. Plus, find out how the first act of each episode makes this show different from other crime shows.

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