‘Deadliest Catch’s Josh Harris: ‘I Don’t Have Time To Deal BS’ (VIDEO)

Josh Harris

Things just aren’t getting any easier for Josh Harris on this season of Deadliest Catch. While last week we saw the “captain in training” get a brutal tongue lashing from Captain Wild Bill over his crew’s faulty gear management and Harris’ failure to follow meeting plans. Tonight’s new episode “Swedish Twins,” brings even more challenges as Harris has to take over the Cornelia Marie, but more on that in a bit.

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We followed up with Harris to get his read on what really went down with that ring transfer debacle. Did we miss something on how he handled the ring exchange? Maybe something got left on the editing floor? Why wasn’t he heading to their agreed upon location?  Harris wasn’t all that descriptive when he responded via email, saying: “Our coms were having issues and we had no way to communicate until we got close to the boat.”

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Well, Wild Bill definitely did a solid for Harris by bringing out his forgotten supplies and, rightfully, got crazy mad when he saw on his radar that Harris wasn’t heading toward their meeting locale. “The world has been handed to that little bastard,” Wild Bill raged. “That pompous mother effer continued to fish while were supposed to run these rings to him?” When we asked Harris how he could make things right with Wild Bill and fix the current perception of him, Harris said, “I don’t have time to deal BS. When I want his opinion, I’ll give it to him.”

As for tonight’s episode (9/8c on Discovery Channel), Harris needs to captain the Cornelia Maria after Casey McManus gets a serious bout of flu. With 70 pots sitting on deck, he has to find a home to drop the next strings. “I’ve never failed before — we’re going to figure this out,” he says in the clip. After striking out, he turns to his old-school roots of crab fishing.

So how did he do? Harris tells us, “I had to grow a set and handle it. I did very well.”

Deadliest Catch, Tuesdays, 9/8c, Discovery Channel.