Katja Herbers Says the ‘Evil’ Finale Leaves Us With ‘One Big Question’

Katja Herbers Evil Season 1 Finale

You may know Katja Herbers through her intriguing secondary characters on Westworld, The Leftovers, and Manhattan, but the Dutch actress is not to be missed as forensics psychologist Kristen Bouchard on CBS’ smart and scary thriller Evil.

The skeptical Dr. Bouchard is part of a panel that includes priest-in-training David Acosta (Mike Colter) and atheist supernatural debunker Ben Shakir (Aasif Mandvi), whose mission is to determine whether a person’s bad acts require an exorcism or a criminal trial.

Below, Herbers shares with TV Insider where she stands on the supernatural vs. science divide tackled on the show and offers up a preview of the first season’s finale. Not to fear you lovers of Evil, a second season of demonic behavior is in the works.

Where is Kristen Bouchard when the season finale opens? What is happening with her marriage?

Katja Herbers: Her husband Andy (Patrick Brammall) has left for two weeks to set up the tour of [Mount] Everest,

So once again, Kristen is temporarily single. How would you describe the relationship between David and Kristen? Your chemistry is almost sinful!

They have a beautiful relationship; one that is respectful of each other’s beliefs, be they opposed. Their chemistry comes from both an intellectual attraction and a physical one, which is the best kind.

Has the temptation between them advanced in any way?

They got high together on sangria and danced and almost kissed [in an earlier episode].  Plus, their bond has deepened through all the things they’ve gone through this season.


What else is happening with Kristen in the finale?

[The first case’s psychopathic killer] Orson Leroux (Darren Pettie) has been acquitted and says he wants to make amends with Kristen.

Well that sounds menacing!  Speaking of menacing, does Kristen discover that her mother Sheryl (Christine Lahti) is still in sexual thrall to the demon—maybe literally— trial shrink Leland Townsend  (Michael Emerson)?

Well, Kristen doesn’t think Leland is a demon, because she doesn’t believe in demons. She thinks he’s a completely dangerous psychopath who seems to be part of a ring of 60 crazy people trying to do evil things.

Michael Emerson as Leland Townsend (ELIZABETH FISHER/CBS)

Is Kristen moving towards less skepticism about the possibility of the supernatural; i.e. miracles from God and Satan-caused evil?

She has shifted a bit. In her defense of David in Episode 9, she attacked her own field and argued that the exorcism of Caroline Hopkins was in fact helpful, whereas the psychiatrist did her more harm than good.

Where does Katja Herbers fall on the spectrum of faith and science? Are you closer to Kristen or David?

I’m definitely more science. I’m not religious, but I do believe in spirits, like the energy that lingers when someone passes away for instance and you can still feel their energy.

Is there a cliffhanger? Anything major left hanging in the season finale?

Yes. At the end of the season we’re left with one big question and a whole bunch of other stuff to think about…

The show can be pretty scary. Has anything scared you either on the set or watching the show? If so, what?

I gasped and had to cover my eyes when David got attacked at the end of [Episode] 10. It was so well done and so heartbreaking. I thoroughly enjoy watching the show. I think the writing is just off the charts.

Since it is a horror show that can be quite intense, does anyone on the set try to scare others for fun?

I think it actually makes for a very light and happy set. There are a lot of jokes. When the Satan creature showed its face for the first time we all screamed though.

How is working with Mike? Is he fairly earnest like David Acosta or more of a funny guy?

Mike is a total goofball and a joy to work with. We get along great, laugh a lot, and I love acting with him.

Evil, Season 1 Finale, Thursday, January 30, 10/9c, CBS