‘Schitt’s Creek’ Sets Up Moira’s Comeback — But What Wig Will She Wear?

Schitt's Creek Moira Catherin O'Hara
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A comeback comes back to Schitt’s Creek!

It looks like the campy horror flick The Crows Have Eyes III, starring washed-up actress Moira Rose (Catherine O’Hara), might finally see the light of day — and the dark of a movie theater.

A crowd-pleasing episode in January 2019 chronicled the troubled film’s production in Bosnia, where Moira played respected ornithologist Dr. Clara Mandrake. Now daughter Alexis (Annie Murphy), in her role as the actress’ publicist, has a potential new project.

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Right or wrong, we can't help but love the Rose family matriarch.

She wants to tout Moira’s performance with a red carpet premiere — but can she pull off a glitzy event in their quirky small town? And more importantly, what wig will the outlandishly fashionable Moira wear?

With the breakout comedy in its sixth and final season, O’Hara promises some truly showstopping looks. She also admits she nabbed a few souvenirs from the set. “I kept a pink [wig] because it’s flattering,” O’Hara says.

Schitt's Creek Season 6

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“I took about three [altogether]. I can’t pull them off like Moira can, much as I’d like to. I also don’t have proper storage for wigs. You have to take care of them…honor your wigs.” Might we suggest a display wall, like Moira’s?

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