11 Times ‘Schitt’s Creek’s Moira Rose Was Unapologetically Herself (PHOTOS)

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Wigging Out

In the series premiere, we see just how important Moira’s (Catherine O’Hara) wigs are to her, “My very soul has been kidnapped, there’s no ransom, no one’s coming to save me,” she whines as she packs her things. When their helpers attempt to put some wigs in one of her bags, Moira chimes in, “Did you put Kristen with Robin? They don’t like each other.”

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Her Favored Season

Consider her a girl after our own hearts — in a scene between her and Alexis (Annie Murphy) in which she prepared questions for them to ask each other, Moira revealed which season is her favorite. “Awards,” she exclaims, the look of pure joy emanating from her face.

moira rose gallery fold in the cheese
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Fold In

In an exchange from Season 1, Moira attempts to spend some quality time with David (Dan Levy) by sharing a “family” recipe with him, but when it comes time to “fold in” the cheese for the enchiladas, they’re both lost. “David! What does burning smell like?” Moira asks when her son abandons the project.

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Herb Ertlinger

Who could forget Moira’s engagement as the face of “Herb Ertlinger’s” fruit wine from Season 1? In one of her first jobs since moving to the small town of Schitt’s Creek, she got drunk on the product and delivered a must-see tongue-tied monologue.

moira rose gallery i think i killed a man
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Killer Admission

In the Season 4 premiere, the Rosebud Motel discovers one of their patrons has passed away and Moira suspects … herself? “It’s probably nothing, but I think I’ve killed a man,” she tells David. Later on we learn she feels guilt for refusing the man a pain killer, but when David asks how she can know for sure, Moira answers, “We’ll have to let the courts decide.” The entire conversation is comedy gold thanks to O’Hara’s delivery.

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Being Patty Hearst

Moira Rose’s musical performance practice for her role as Patty Hearst in a local production is everything it would seem to be and much more. From her offbeat timing to skillfully delivered lyrics, the segment’s a gift that just keeps on giving. When she sings, “Stick ’em up, nobody move, but me-me-me-me-me,” consider us goners.

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Fried Nerves

Nothing fries one’s nerves like another person going into labor, but that’s the explanation Moira gave her daughter for riding as a passenger in a car while Jocelyn drove to the hospital for herself. “She insisted,” Moira argues to Alexis over the phone. “My nerves are fried,” she continues as Jocelyn (Jennifer Robertson) lets out the sound of someone in pain behind the driver’s seat.

moira rose gallery crowening
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The Crowening

We never thought we’d see Moira ditch her refined digs, but ditch she does for a role in a film titled The Crows Have Eyes: The Crowening. “The crows don’t just have eyes,” she shrieks in front of a green screen, while flapping her arms, “They also have wings.”

moira rose gallery meltdown
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Bag Meltdown

In a Season 2 scene, Moira has a meltdown over her missing purse. “No, no, no, NOOO,” is her reaction when she can’t find it, and Johnny’s no help in comforting her.

moira rose gallery danny boy
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Danny Boy

While attending a funeral in Schitt’s Creek, Johnny (Eugene Levy) begins to have a bit of a crisis but Moira intercedes his rant by singing “Danny Boy.” Consider the song, but sung with Moira’s signature accent.

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When Patrick (Noah Reid) sings to David at open mic night, Jocelyn and Roland (Chris Elliott) attempt to reveal the sex of their baby, but Moira is too distracted. When the couple shares their baby news, she counters, “My boy right now is being serenaded by his butter-voiced beau.” Talk about one proud mama.

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Schitt’s Creek may be embarking on its final season, but we can’t help but remember the good times ahead of the end, especially when it comes to Catherine O’Hara‘s iconic performance as Rose family matriarch Moira.

Whether it’s the accent, wigs, or high fashion ensembles that drew you in, Moira was a magnetic force from the beginning. In honor of her run and the show’s final season, we’re taking a look back at some of her funniest and most Moira moments from the series.

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